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How to promote a garage sale

Amassing large amounts of old furniture and other belongings is a phenomena that is known to a lot of homeowners – one day you’re taking down an old chair to the garage and before you know it you’re drowning in half-forgotten chests of drawers, old piles of clothes and appliances that haven’t been used in years. Having a garage sale is one of the best ways to not only declutter these spaces but also to make some very decent money in the process, without having to make the trip to a car boot sale.

However, garage sales can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare which is why special care and thought should be taken when organising one. Preparation is only half the battle, however, because before you can even think of selling whatever paraphernalia you may have found in the dusty, murky depths of your loft, you have to think how to stimulate interest and get the public to view what you’re selling. Below we’ll take a look at some fool proof ways of promoting a garage sale.


Hit the streets with some flyers

It’s the oldest technique in the book and yet still one of the most effective: flyering. While it might seem like a lot of effort compared with modern digital marketing techniques, producing and distributing flyers is an effective way of reaching people in a localised area. It gives readers something tangible to keep and consider, and also allows you to get creative in the way in which you market your garage sale. It’s a physical reminder that something in your neighbourhood is happening. It’s also incredibly cheap and easy to pull off. This process is easier than ever thanks to the internet and companies such as Saxoprint, and is one of the fastest ways to get your old school, offline marketing flyers produced.


Use classified ads

Classified ad sites such as Gumtree are ideal to not only advertise a garage sale event, but also to sell individual items that may not sell on the day of the actual garage sale. Since the sites allow you to focus on very specific areas they are great for reaching out to people within your immediate community. However, if you’re thinking of selling further afield, these sites also offer national advertising capabilities.


Create a Facebook event

One of the easiest ways to build hype around something is to tell your friends and create an event. Facebook allows you to do both! This essentially allows you to create a digital garage sale with all of the relevant information so that people know when and where it’s happening, as well as what type of products to expect. You can also choose to make the event public, meaning that the information of the event won’t just be limited to those you know personally, but will also be available to digital wanderers who stumble across the event online.


Use your car as a mobile billboard

This has long been an effective technique for advertising to a large number of people with very low effort and cost. No doubt you’ve seen a car for sale with its asking price in the window, or a white van with the name of the company that owns it emblazoned on its side in large script. And the fact that you have seen one says a lot about its efficacy. There is some worry that this type of advertising is permanently sprayed on, but don’t fret – modern vehicle wrap advertising largely consists of applying magnetic stickers that contain all the information you’d like to advertise. Simply slap them on and remove them once your garage sale is over. The beauty of this method lies in its passive ability to reach large numbers of people. Once the sticker is applied you don’t have to think about it again, simply go about your daily routine and let your vehicle do the work for you.

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