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How to turn your passion into profit


The knowledge, know-how and experience you have acquired to date is a valuable asset.

There are people in the world right now, that are willing to pay money to learn how to do what you can already do, and know what you already know.

Everything that has happened in your life good or bad has happened for a reason.

Your experiences have gifted you a unique empathy with people who are facing what you faced.

Now you are perfectly positioned to give back and be source of information and inspiration. How do you do it?


how to turn your passion into profit

The world has changed and you no longer need to be skilled and experienced while allowing an employer to capitalise on that knowledge and wisdom whilst you get paid a fraction of what they are making out of you.

  • You are living in the information age where it is possible to deliver and sell your know-how and expertise online, on a stage or on the small screen of your computer through email, social media and turn your passion into profityour website.
  • You can reach thousands if not millions of people with your advice and “how to” information based on a subject you are passionate about, and make thousands if not millions in revenue helping other people to get ahead or overcome a personal or professional problem.
  • There is an exciting, thriving and lucrative industry awaiting those who wish to share their passion. Some call it the Expert Industry, some, the ‘How To’ or Self-Help Industry.
  • Perhaps you’ll share your passion as an Author of a ‘how to’ book, or possibly as an Advisor or Mentor to high paying clients, maybe as a Coach or Consultant or perhaps even as a highly paid Speaker or Trainer?
  • Your goal is to motivate people to learn a new skill, brush up on an old one or to improve their lives or business in some way.  In doing so you’ll turn a passion into profit as your reward.


Who has the ‘wisdom’

Human beings have evolved enormously since our short time on the planet, but how did we do it? The answer? We have shared our knowledge and wisdom.

Thousands of years ago the elders of tribes would gather their followers around a campfire and tell stories to pass on wisdom based on their life experiences.  In doing so the tribe folk would know what to do and what to avoid if they were to encounter a similar situation.

In more recent years wisdom was passed down through families, and through the education system.  But here’s the problem…

Families are finding that getting around the dinner table together is harder to pull off, which means valuable life lessons are not being passed on.

Also when it comes to life lessons, business, career or moneymaking knowhow, I think you’ll agree, much of what we needed to know we couldn’t possibly have learnt at school or university.

Right now ordinary people are on a hunt for answers to personal and professional problems.  People are facing situations they are not sure how to deal with and they are willing to pay someone quite a lot of money to avoid pain and move forward.

Seemingly ordinary people are making it big in the new economy…and here’s the best part!

You need no qualifications other than your life experiences, because what makes you an expert and an authority today is your story of struggle and strive for success no matter how big or small.

Now at this point you might be thinking, yes I have some answers, but I certainly don’t have them ALL.


So how can I be an authority?

Good question, but let me ask you this.  Are you an authority compared to someone who doesn’t know what you know? As long as you are a few steps ahead of the people who need your help, you are an authority.

Let go of your need to be perfect and to be the finished article and focus instead on those you can serve with your knowhow.

Here are 7 steps to turn your passion into profit

  1. Position yourself as an expert authority by choosing a subject matter you are passionate about and have made distinctions others have not made. Choose a subject where people are searching for “how to” answers because they have problems within this area of life or business.
  1. Prove your credibility with a personal story that reveals why you are passionate about the subject and that you understand the challenges and frustrations being experienced by the people who will soon become a new member of your tribe.
  1. Produce world-class content to serve and sell to your tribe. You’ll need free content to attract people in the form of written blogs, podcasts or videos. You’ll also need your more advanced “how to” content to be packaged into products and programs for people to buy.
  1. Promote yourself and your services by building your online profile and attract people to your website where you offer some free content to begin the relationship. Later you can invite people to buy products and services from you.
  1. Learn to perform like a professional so you have genuine presence when you deliver content or offer advice on a stage, on video, webinar or interview.
  1. Your success as an expert will largely be determined by your ability to convince and persuade people to change. So you’ll need to learn to pitch people your ideas, strategies and proposals.
  1. Finally power-up your personality and aim to become a real authority on your subject, which means challenging current thinking of people and other experts in your niche. You might ruffle a few feathers but that’s vital if you are going to be seen as an expert.

This is a guest article by Andy Harrington, author of Passion Into Profit: How to make BIG money from who you are and what you know


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Eden Edivri
Eden Edivri

Wow… Awesome, great and amazing piece. Those seven piece inspire me. But can this work across any continent, Africa especially. There is so much struggle and lack…it kills our ingenuity and creativity. Can you also provide a link to any other similar article i can share?


So glad you like it!

We have a lot of similarly useful articles in our Small Business Ideas section here Do take a look. J

Tk Speer
Tk Speer

My passion is to see people with disabilities and their loved ones understand the importance of being as independent as possible. As a independent person with a disability myself, I understand that this is frightening to both parties. But the person’s right in this life is to pursue happiness. That is an independent decision. I want to empower persons with disabilities to know they have a voice and I want there loved ones to understand how to help them find it.

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