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How to win on the Grand National…without gambling

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The Grand National is the biggest betting event in the UK sporting calendar and, quite possibly, the world. Millions of once-a-year gamblers will dig into their pockets to have a flutter on this spectacular and gruelling race over four miles at Aintree on Saturday 8 April hoping their luck is in and win enough money for a round of drinks or a little treat for the family.

Unfortunately, the vast majority will end up with nothing and yet almost everyone could win with matched betting. Now we don’t expect everybody to believe it, it almost sounds too good to be true. And, anyone who doesn’t understand the basics of the internet and a computer will struggle with it also. But, there really aren’t many other reasons to stop you winning on the Grand National or any other sporting event you choose.


How does Matched Betting work?

How to win on the Grand National...without gamblingMatched betting uses betting offers to remove the gambling element, backing all outcomes to earn free bets for no or very little cost and making a profit when using the free bets. There are more than 50 UK licensed bookmakers giving free bets and bonuses to new customers for opening an account which amounts to around £1000 profit to be made from matched bets.

Making money from the offers is a two-part process.  First, place a bet with your own money to qualify for a free bet and place a bet against it so that you win something if it loses. You won’t win anything doing this, but if you choose the right bets, you won’t lose either and you’ll have the all-important free bet.

You’ll make your profit from the second part, using the free bet. Place your free bet with the bookmaker and again place a bet against it. By applying a mathematical formula, you will make the same profit regardless of the result, because you only pay for one of the bets. has all the sign up offers listed with instructions explaining how to make a profit from every one.  Its Odds Matcher finds the best bets to place and the matched betting calculator works out the stakes so you’ll make the same profit whatever the result. All you need to do is sign up with the betting sites, deposit some money and place the bets at the stakes provided.

It doesn’t really matter if you have accounts with a few of the bookies, there are plenty to choose from and Matched Bets shows you how to make money from existing customer offers too, so you could make even more money from accounts you already have.

The Grand National is an ideal opportunity for once-a-year gamblers to have a re-think about the value of betting. Set aside the pre-conception those bookmakers always win and join hundreds of thousands of people cashing in with this legitimate method of making money online.

The best time to get involved with matched betting is a few days before the Grand National. Many bookmakers withdraw their sign up offers on National day. They don’t need generous offers to attract customers as they know millions of people will be opening accounts online and the race itself is incentive enough. If you are smart, you’ll open your accounts and place your qualifying bets, before the day of the race. That way you’ll have free bets which can be used on the Grand National – use matched betting and you can sit back and watch the race comfortable in the knowledge you will win whichever horse crosses the finishing line first.


* Matched Betting is NOT gambling. However, if you think you need support with a gambling problem please visit



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I think it’s time this race was banned, too many injuries and deaths of horses.

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