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Nov 05

How you can avoid being the victim of a business crime

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Money laundering, investment fraud, corruption, bribery, extortion, credit card fraud, forgery, tax fraud, corporate fraud and violation of antitrust laws are a few of the severe business crimes that can occur in a healthy, yet exposed business climate. The consequences are extremely severe, not to mention that are also life-changing for both victims and offenders. Business crimes are treated extremely serious by numerous authorities that work together at an international level. The support of an experienced criminal solicitor will prove helpful right from the start of your business, particularly if you are an entrepreneur who is aware of the potential business crimes that might intervene at a certain point.


Money laundering – How to protect your business

Hundreds of billions of pounds are registered as losses due to money laundering cases which are normally connected to organized crime groups, as stated by the National Crime Agency in UK. Large amounts of illicit funds are part of financial criminal activity that affects the economy in a high percent. Money laundering is for sure a worrying phenomenon, involving even financial experts and legal professionals, and luckily there are important methods that help companies and institutions protect against such crimes. A good example in this matter could be the existence of specific financial training programmes delivered by entitled authorities and private organizations, concerning the applicable laws. This way, possible financial problems can be detected in time, and criminal activities identified before any financial losses are registered.


Reporting suspicious crime cases

Another way to protect your business and money is to understand from the beginning that there are varied associations and governmental institutions in charge of identifying potential financial frauds. Any money laundering suspicions you might have should be reported to the relevant authorities. There are specific institutions that accept online and offline reports, all you have to do is to tell in detail your doubts regarding a financial fraud that might take place or it is planned. The risks and vulnerabilities in a company or on a financial market can be identified in time with the help of reports, methodologies and a solid collaboration between institutions.


The support of a criminal lawyer will play an important role

Companies and businesses can be vulnerable in front of daily financial challenges, so the legal support of an experienced attorney should be considered from the very beginning. This is another way of protecting a business against probable financial frauds, mentioning that even the support of a professional team of accountants and financial advisors will prove really helpful. On the other hand, victims of business crimes should immediately talk to a qualified lawyer who knows the law enforcement and who can create a solid defence strategy as soon as such case is presented.


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