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How you can earn hundreds in your spare time

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Do you find making ends meet a struggle? If you find that sometimes your regular incomings don’t quite cut it, you’ll need to look for other ways to bring in some cash. There are many weird and wonderful opportunities to make a little extra and it might come as a surprise to learn some people earn hundreds of pounds each month matched betting in their spare time.

Working part time in bars and shops are common ways to earn more money but doesn’t suit everyone. Alternatives like completing surveys, selling unwanted items on eBay or doing odds jobs may be fruitful for some but might not be enough if you need to balance earning money with looking after a family.

Matched betting is growing in popularity, thanks in no small part to the potential to earn a regular income ranging from £500 to £1000 per month for only a few hours work each week. It’s something you can do in your spare time without impacting on your family or social life. Despite the link with gambling, matched betting is risk-free and guarantees to make profits from the huge range of betting promotions available from online bookmakers.


How does Matched Betting work?

It involves backing a selection to win and backing it to lose at the same odds on a betting exchange. This will earn a free bet or bonus which can be converted into cash profit using a similar method after a mathematical formula is applied to account for the free bet. Bookmakers will give anything from £10 free bet to £200 bonus when a new customer opens an account online.  Using matched betting, a £25 free bet sign up offer is worth around £20 in risk free profit and with over 50 online bookmakers in the UK offering welcome bonuses, there is around £1,000 profit to be made at any time from sign up offers alone.

Once registered with a bookmaker, customers are provided with many more opportunities to receive free bets plus there are strategies to make money from other types of betting promotions which don’t involve qualifying for free bets.


How to get started with Matched Betting are guides and tutorials scattered around the internet that explain how to do matched betting but it will be worthwhile for most people to use a subscription service such as Matched betting sites charge from £14 to £24 per month for which members receive a list of all the offers that can be used to make a profit along with guides explaining how to do each one.

The sites use specially developed matched betting software to find suitable bets to place and an integrated calculator works out what stakes are required to ensure the same profit regardless of the result. It means anyone eligible to open a betting account can get involved and the monthly charge can be considered modest when compared with the profits from matched betting. offer a free trial for anyone wanting to try matched betting. The free trial allows you to complete 3 bookmaker offers with an expected profit of around £50.

Anyone considering matched betting should make themselves aware of the risks associated with gambling and ensure they adhere to the advice of matched betting experts. Stick to the tried and trusted methods that make matched betting pay and leave gambling to those who are happy to pay for the pleasure.


* Matched Betting is NOT gambling. However, if you think you need support with a gambling problem please visit



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Good tips though I still can’t get my head around matched betting!

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