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Oct 19

Ideas to Start Making Money in Creative Ways

Reading Time: 4 mins

Need some easy and compelling way to earn extra pocket money? Want to know how an individual can earn money creatively? 

These are a couple of questions that might popup in the enthusiastic youth of today’s world, looking for an advanced way of working. 

We should be grateful to advancements of technology that now an individual sitting in any part of the world can connect to different clients around the globe.

In this article, I am going to tell you how being creative and sharp-minded can help you earn some extra cash.


1. Become a Patch Maker

Designing customized patches online is one of the booming markets of E-Commerce. There are people who are always ready to pay a fair amount of money to create patches by themselves on online platforms and then purchase them to flaunt. 

Today, patches have a significant role in the fashion industry. Generating cool vibes, for instance, if there is a lion on the patch, then it would give out bold, vibrant and confident vibes. 

Every other person wants to create patches which they would use on their costume to look identical in representing a team in public, to give a branded vibe to the self-designed clothes or to give an identity of their boutique dresses and for many other reasons. 


2. Sell your Skills Online 

Once a wise man said, “If you are good at something, never do it for free”.

So, if you think you are good at something like graphic designing, content writing, 3D-animations, or in any technical skill, then you can easily attract the buyers through your work and this would open a great door of opportunity for earning handsome money.

Platforms like Fiverr, SEO clerk or others make it easier to create an online presence to help you make the interaction easy between you and your buyers. They provide the facility to upload your content on that platform with a selling option in terms of capital. 

During the Covid-19 Lockdown, we observed the booming of this online market like no other.


3. Create a Review Platform

Making a review website is a golden opportunity to gain online traffic. 

Many people in this digital world like to access the review platforms to get to know about the users’ opinion on the object, and then they go to the market to purchase it. Based on facts, the most famous review website “Trip Advisor” is worth more than 12 billion dollars. 

Once your website gets good traffic, you can deal with other brands for their advertisement. Google AdSense is also a good option to earn money. If you manage to take your platform to a new height, paid reviews of big brands will also be offered.


4. Create a YouTube Channel

Since YouTube authority offered monetizing to the content maker, it changed the dynamics of the content creator’s universe.

In 2019, Ryan Kaji- 9 years old kid, earned 29 million dollars by featuring his toys on YouTube. He is just one of the examples who received millions of dollars by creating content on YouTube.

Moreover, your channel should be concentrated on a single category like you can make a channel of reviews, unboxing the items, daily vlogs or anything else you think that would attract viewers. One of the tricks to get success on YouTube is to create the content which entertains or educates the audience.


5. Become an Instagram Influencer

If you feel you are good at taking photos, capturing sceneries or uploading engaging captions, then you should try to make a profile on Instagram. 

In the current era, many people use this platform as an influencer. They create content which people relate to and engage in. Due to their posts, a mass of the audience follows them on the application.

If you get successful in attracting a substantial number of followers, then there would be opportunities of getting collaborating paid work with many big brands. They would be ready to pay you to get their brand promoted through your word. Many bands would send you PR packages as a token of appreciation.

For all of this, you need to be creative in making content on Instagram.


6. Become a Blogger

Nowadays, writing engaging and catchy narrative can also be a source of good income. 

If you are confused about blogging and thinking if it’s a reliable source of income, then you should see the example of HuffPost- an American news aggregator and blog, which produced $500 million per year.

You can write about fashion, travelling, food, daily life routine, games, sports or anything else that you are best at expressing. You need to know your target audience; you should know about yourself which niche of blogging would be better for you. 

The most popular way to generate money from blogging is to monetize your blog with Google AdSense.


7. Become a Twitcher

Before 2 decades, no one could even think that playing video games would be the source of earning but in the 21st Century, Twitch is a video live streaming website focused on streaming video games, broadcasting of E-games competitions, music and creative content.

The top 3 most earned Twitchers: 

  1. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins ($400k – $800k per month)
  2. Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek (estimated $150k – $200k per month) and, 
  3. Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar (estimated $100k – $125k per month). 

You just need to know which video game would be suitable for you. The journey of being a Noob to being a Pro at the game can change your life.

In the 21st Century, with the help of the tools, we can generate money on the internet effortlessly.;For which, you only need to know your strengths. 

Being creative is not a skill to waste in the world we live in today. Since every other business or firm needs the creative-team to run their motto, you can actually cash your potential. But if we can facilitate others with our creative skills then why can’t we start our own startup? Think, plan, and execute.



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