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Oct 17

If you have a computer, you can start these businesses

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Online business is taking over the world.  Every day someone is starting up a new social media platform or opening up their own online art store. As the world is progressing we are seeing a huge shift from traditional business to digital and there are many amazing opportunities for growth and entrepreneurship. 

If you fancy avoiding the morning commute and working for yourself from your sofa, there are many amazing business ideas you can try using only a computer and an internet connection. 


  1. Start a Blog

Blogging can be a fun pastime and when you use advertising on your website you can earn a decent income for yourself. It is simple to start a blog using a site such as Wix or WordPress, and from this you will be able to share your interests and life with a whole world of people and earn money from doing it. 


  1. Become An Affiliate

An affiliate is someone who shares and ‘sells’ items on behalf of someone else to gain commission. For example, if you have an online presence you can become an affiliate for Amazon and share links to their products through your blog or social media and when someone buys a product through your links you will earn money. This is a super easy way to make income online and it can actually be hugely beneficial as a career. 


  1. Sell art 

If you have artistic talent, you can use this to become and artist and sell your work online. You can choose to share your artwork on a website such as Etsy, or you can open your own gallery website with a shop and promote this on social media. There are plenty of ways to share your artwork online and you’ll be able to sell to people all over the world. 


  1. Build Apps

For those of you who have a technical mind and a whole lot of ideas, one amazing idea for a business is app development. Creating apps online is a fun process and you will have the open opportunity to create something entirely new. It is fun to be creative with your own ideas and with app development you have the scope to create anything from games to wellness apps and even dating apps. You’ll be able to sit at home and relax as you let your ideas come to life and transform into something amazing. 


  1. Buy and Sell Domains

Go Daddy is a website you are likely aware of, and they make money by selling domain names to people all over the world. A domain name is the name that appears in the search bar of a website. For example the domain name for WordPress is . You can make a lucrative sum by buying domain names cheaply and then selling them at a higher price. It can be a great career option and will allow you to earn fairly passive income. 


  1. Trade Forex

Forex trading is a huge business to get into. Forex trading describes the trading of currency on the foreign exchange market, and represents the largest market in the world. If you are looking to earn a large income and also learn a new skill, forex trading is a wonderful career option. 

Forex trading is accessible to anyone through platforms such as MetaTrader and is one which you can start straight away. To trade currency online, you will buy and sell currency in the form of CFDs. This means that you never actually ‘own’ the physical currency, only a representation of it. 

Both spot forex and FX options trading depends a lot on of factors including politics and news. When you start this business at home it is a good idea to keep the BBC News channel running all day on your TV for updates and opportunities. 


  1. Open an Ecommerce Store

One great way to earn money online with Mac (using this macOS Catalina guide) or a Windows PC is to open an ecommerce store. An onle store such as Amazon and Shopify can be a HUGE financial asset, and there are many ways you can build you own store. You can either open a brand new website and sell your own items, or you can opt to join a website such as Shopify and open a small store on the site. With methods such as dropshipping you don’t even need to worry about the sourcing and movement of materials because this will all be done for you! 


  1. Consult on Social Media 

Social media is a huge industry, and most of us use it every single day to catch up with news, connect with friends, and look at cute photos of cats. However, if you do use social media a lot and you have a good working knowledge of both the personal and business accounts, you can use these skills to help others with their businesses. A lot of people still don’t know a lot about social media and how to use it, so you can make money teaching people how to use these accounts. 


  1. Be a Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who picks up jobs as and when they become available. As a freelancer you will have the opportunity to work at your own pace and work on something you enjoy every day while getting paid a handsome sum of money. A freelancer can be in any field from copywriting to editing and even web development so wherever your skills lie, you have the chance to shine. Take a look online at websites such as Freelancer or Upwork and you can find jobs that suit your skill level and expertise. 


  1. Create an eBook

One of the most fun ways to make money online in a passive fashion is to create and sell an eBook. There are limitless possibilities for an eBook and this means you can create anything from a fiction novel to a cookbook and sell this online and share it with people. Create something that you are truly passionate about and this will be an amazing chance to let your passion flow. 


  1. Creating WordPress Themes

Did you know that you can earn money creating themes for WordPress? If you enjoy working with WordPress and you are a dab hand with design, you can create your own themes and sell them to customers. This is a great way to earn some money passively as well as get those creative juices flowing. 


  1. Complete surveys 

Surveys might not seem like a method of income, but actually you can earn a decent amount of money by completing surveys for companies. Companies need surveys in order to gain market information that helps them to gain insight into the world and make clever decisions. By offering to complete long surveys online you will earn money and this will help you to gain a passive income by doing little work. 


  1. Sell Photos

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer? If so, there are some amazing opportunities online for you in terms of selling your photos to stock websites. Stock image websites such as Shutterstock are always looking for new images to bring to their line-up. By taking photos to sell here you will earn a decent wage for your work and earn it passively. Another method to sell your photos is to create art prints that can be sold either on your own website gallery or even on sites such as Etsy. 



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