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Jun 08

Important Tips For Online Businesses Selling Products Overseas

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When you start a new ecommerce business, it’s advisable to stick to selling products in your home company. There are a lot of specific challenges involved with selling products abroad and if you try to take on too much when you are first starting out, you risk failure. However, once your business is stable and you are seeing steady sales at home, you should think about branching out because selling to other countries will open up a lot of new markets and you can significantly increase your revenue. If you think that your ecommerce business is ready to start selling overseas, here are a few important tips to help you make it a success.


Adapt Your Marketing Strategy 

Your marketing campaigns may work well in this country, but how will they translate to a different country with a different culture? The things that resonate with people in the UK won’t necessarily connect well with people in India, for example, because the culture is different. That’s why it’s important that you take cultural differences into account when advertising your online business. It’s important that you do some market research and see how similar businesses are advertising their products in different countries. Once you have a better understanding of the countries that you are expanding into, you will find it a lot easier to market your products. 


Take Payment In Multiple Currencies 

Online retail is about convenience, which is why it’s important that you take payment in multiple currencies. If customers are charged in sterling, it makes things a little more confusing for them because they have to work out the cost of products in their own currency. However, if you use foreign currency accounts, you can charge people in their own currency, and you can then keep the money in that currency to avoid conversion rates or convert it back to sterling if you need to. It makes life easier for the customer and for you, so it’s important that you are using foreign currency account where possible.  


Use The Right Shipping Company 

Shipping overseas can be a lot more complicated than shipping locally, and it’s important that you find a shipping company that can manage it well. There are different laws and regulations that need to be adhered to, which is why you need a shipping company that has experience with international shipping. Big companies, like Fedex or DHL will be able to handle all of your shipping and ensure that products are shipped efficiently, but you will still need to fill out a customs declaration when shipping overseas. In most cases, the seller will leave it to the buyer to pay any customs and import duties, so it is important that you make this clear at the point of sale. If you don’t make it clear, customers will wonder what the extra charge is for and they may be annoyed if they were not made aware of it before they made the purchase. 

International shipping opens up a lot of opportunities for your online retail business, just make sure that you follow these important tips so you can avoid any issues. 


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