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Sep 01

Instagram Sales: How to Engage Consumers With Your Brand

Reading Time: 2 mins

Customer engagement is the golden ring of marketing. It’s what we all want, but between too much choice, itty-bitty attention spans and content overload, engagement is increasingly hard to get. So what’s an Insta-seller to do? Read on to find out how to engage with consumers and keep them coming back for more.


Be Authentic

In a nutshell, customers are sick of being pitched to. They’ll tune you out quicker than you can say ‘buy this’ if you don’t build an authentic relationship first. But don’t lament this fact; embrace it. The ability to engage is part of the beauty and power of social media like Instagram. Let’s say you’re looking for pearl engagement rings. Who are you going to buy from, a company who spams you nonstop with ads for pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings, or a company like The Pearl Source, companies who offer you educational content and professional one-on-one customer service?


Personalize the Experience

In order to create an authentic relationship with your customer base, you can’t just post cute pix. You need to get to know your customers too. How? By asking questions and responding to theirs. Also, be sure you answer the question they actually asked, meaning, don’t give them a canned reply because you can’t be bothered to read their inquiry. Remember that your customers are human. This sounds obvious, but with a digital interface we sometimes forget that there’s a person with feelings, hopes, and dreams on the other end. Treat your customers like the unique individuals they are and they will respond with loyalty.



Another way to up your customers engagement is by providing useful information. What counts as useful? Content should be relevant to your product or service. Relevance also goes back to the previous point of asking your followers about what they need and want. Tell your customers something they don’t already know and they’ll come back. Good content is also actionable. There should always be a pay-off for a client’s time, so be sure you offer one. Your customers should walk away from the interaction feeling smarter, or that they can now do something they couldn’t before.



Needless to say, your customers will not be engaged if they’re bored. Given the microscopic attention span out there these days, you absolutely must do something to captivate your fans. Even if stand-up isn’t in your wheelhouse, you can still take basic steps like creating a snappy caption. Even a small thing like an interesting headline can make a big difference when it comes to engagement.


Know Your Numbers

Engagement sounds like something you can’t really define, but that’s not true. Engagement is measurable and actionable. Engaged visitors are people who take action in some way regarding your site. Analytical tools can help you determine things like bounce rate, return visits, click-throughs, likes, shares and sales conversion. The better your numbers, the higher your sales potential. So nurture those relationships. Treat them with the care and attention they deserve, and watch your brand grow.


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