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Oct 01

Investing In Fintech – Is It Safe?

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Fintech is transforming the financial industry. As digital platforms continue to evolve, new tools, solutions and products are being introduced almost on a daily basis.

The rise of tech start-ups has led to attractive investment opportunities. Some finch investments can be extremely lucrative.

However, like all types of investments, there is a risk. The main concerns are investment fraud, risk of systematic regulations limiting fintech operations, and money being obtained through deception such as the psychological manipulation of the elderly and less well-informed investors.

With fintech driving today’s investor market, trends are becoming increasingly popular as investors look for ways to make profits.

Before handing over any money, you should know something about the investment opportunities and fintech laws that could impact your returns. 


One of the easiest and safest ways of investing in fintech commodities is through an ETF – securities collected by a single entity and traded on regulated exchanges.

ETF’s offer a diverse range of investments within the fintech sector. Typical opportunities involve investments with insurance companies, fundraising and third-party lending.

Whilst ETF’s limit the risk of failure or fraud, the downside is the returns are not as attractive as other more speculative fintech investments.

Crowd Funding

One of the most exciting investment opportunities to emerge over the last decade is crowdfunding.

In simple terms, when you invest in a crowdfunding strategy, you agree to fund a business venture in return for a share of the profits.

The concept offers two solutions. It gives ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a business quickly and earn a living. Secondly, investors get to choose the business you want to invest in rather than the blind investments offered by traditional brokers.

Agreements between the business and the investor are known as SAFE – simple agreement for future equity. It is important to understand that crowdfunding investments have no equity and the business could fail.

The World Economic Forum claim mutual funds are considered to be one of the safest investment options available because they pool resources. This provides start-ups with the capital they need to grow.

Furthermore, crowdfunding strategies are managed by professional investors that have a reputation to uphold. Credible players assess applications for crowdfunding and make sure the start-up is legitimate and has sufficient potential to succeed.

The risk with this type of investment is the company may not be successful, profits are not guaranteed, and it could be hard to liquidate your shares when you want to sell.


The Bitcoin bubble in 2017 alerted the world to cryptocurrencies. Investors have already made millions from investing in digital tokens, but others have also lost their stake.

It is inevitable that cryptocurrencies will become the way to pay for goods and services in the future. They, therefore, represent an attractive investment opportunity.

The major problem with this asset class is there are too many start-ups offering cryptocurrencies to choose from. Not all of them will be a success. What’s more, the crypto market is highly volatile.

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, it is prudent to find a company that provides real-world solutions. If you can do that, cryptocurrencies will be a very lucrative investment.

When investing in fintech, it is important to look at revenue growth rates, gross and operating margins and the company’s market cap. You should also consider whether the company is selling a product or service people need (rather than want) or whether they provide saleable solutions.



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