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Is your business using social media right?

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Many companies think social media is a quick, easy and ‘free’ way of raising awareness and driving consumers to their products or services.

It’s not!

On the whole it doesn’t cost to do basic social media for your business, but it certainly costs you in terms of time and effort.

It takes a lot of hard work and time on your part to get it right but if you do then it can have significant benefits for your business.

Is your business using social media right?

We asked the experts to share their advice on how you can make the most of these social platforms and achieve social success. Take a look below.


1. Getting started

social mediaFirstly you need followers otherwise all of the fantastic content you create or post won’t get much traction.

Growing followers organically from nothing can be tough and pretty demoralising so don’t be averse to advertising in order to get going.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all allow companies to set small budgets of just a few pounds per day to advertise and you can target by interests and location so you should be able to reach the right type of people.

Advice from Bertie Stephens, co-founder and CEO of online marketplace


2. Choosing a Platform

social mediaThere are two approaches to using social media.

The first is to create profiles on every major platform, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest and spread content updates across all platforms.

The risk of this approach is that you will spread your time and expertise too thinly and fail to connect with readers.

The second strategy is to determine which platform will best help to promote your brand and engage with customers and use this to position your business as a market leader.

Advice from Danny Hall, co-founder of search marketing agency Freelance SEO Essex. 

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3. Don’t just rely on one type of social media

It’s all free, so think beyond Facebook.

Are you tweeting and joining in Twitter debates relevant to your business?

How’s your LinkedIn profile?social media

Are you maximising the possibilities of Instagram and Pintrest if your business has strong visual elements?

Set up a Google+ page for your business: SEO gurus say it does wonders for your search rankings.

What are you an expert on?

Think about using YouTube to pass on your knowledge and increase your followers.

Advice from Vicky Matthews, co-founder of 

We here at MoneyMagpie have a variety of different social media profiles that cater to all our readers. Check them out and FOLLOW!!! Join in the conversation and we will help to push you too.


4. Setting out the objectives

social mediaEvery business needs to decide what they’re hoping to achieve and the overall purpose of their social media strategy.

Whether it’s to improve brand awareness, increase the customer base, grow sales, or perhaps all three?

Twitter, for example is still the most powerful platform in terms of social media marketing and lead generation.

The most successful businesses are those that listen in on conversations, add value and try to build relationships with the long term view of using those relationships to generate sales.

Advice from Gavin Hammar, CEO and founder, Sendible.


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5. Cater to your audience

The beauty of social media is that it facilitates targeted marketing – in other words, you talk directly to the kind of people who would be interested in your product or service.

If your social pages are not conscientiously targeting specific audiences you are wasting the powerful potential of social sites.

Establish a unique style, consistently produce a distinct look and feel in your content, and develop content that appeals to your ideal audience.

Don’t worry about limiting your audience, because if you can connect with those who share a particular interest, your marketing will become a LOT more effective over time.

Advice from Stuart Thompson, European Director of TINT. 


6. Use strong visuals

social mediaOn Facebook and Twitter, posts pass through a user’s stream rapidly, so it is vital for a business to quickly attract the attention of their followers to generate interest.

Striking images that trigger an emotional response are far more likely to be commented upon, liked and shared.

Put pictures in where possible – even if your post is pretty businesslike. A picture will pick up people’s interest much more immediately.

Advice from Danny Hall, Co-Director and co-founder of Freelance SEO Essex.  

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7. Make your communications relevant

Today’s consumer has less patience for irrelevant information and messages than ever before.

As a small business you can take the time to really get to know and understand your customers. Interact with them and test new things to see what they like and dislike.

You’ll get to a point where you instinctively know what will work and your likes and shares will increase significantly.

Posting regularly and creating new content can become a real chore if you’re not careful.  You don’t have to post 5 times a day to be successful but what you post needs to be interesting and engaging.

You are better off focusing on posting quality content, less frequently, that you know your followers will want to see. Put together a content plan which is achievable for you to help yourself day to day.

Advice from Bertie Stephens, co-founder and CEO of online marketplace 



A commonly made social media mistake is businesses posting too much content around products and services and not balancing this with content on topics and interests relating to their audiences.  Avoid this at all costs as it will simply put followers off (in fact Facebook now penalises business who post ‘promotional’ updates too frequently!)

Advice from Alexei Lee, head of social and promotion at Strategy Digital 


8. Don’t get disheartened

social mediaIt can be extremely annoying to log-on to Facebook and see your carefully crafted posts have only been seen by 30 of your Likers and only one person has liked it.

Don’t let this stop you creating great content, but do make it make you look at your insights.

You can see which posts gained the most interaction, likes comments and shares.

Then look at the time you posted that post. It may surprise you. Sometimes posting later in the evening can receive a far better reach and interactivity than one posted at 9am in the morning.

If your followers regularly like or retweet at certain times of the day, make sure you post most at those times.

Advice from Eleanor Cheek, Account Director and Social Media Specialist, Adia PR. 


9. No time for excuses

social mediaOne of the most common reasons we hear small businesses give for inconsistent social media engagement is not having enough time.

Yes social media is time-consuming, but there are ways of managing it to work around you.

Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck as a way to keep up with regular posting. They allow you to schedule posts across Twitter and Facebook days and weeks ahead; it’s great as it means you can share content every day, even if you only check in once or twice that week.

Advice from Greta Agar-Hutton, Digital Director at This Is Publicity.

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10. The importance of social media in business

A dedicated presence on social media networks is critical for businesses and is now expected in almost all industries.

Commit time to social media and it can really pay off.

Unless you intend to use social media as a dedicated customer service channel, try and have one staff member responsible for all profiles.This ensures the same tone and quality is kept throughout.

You are putting someone in charge of your brand voice online. That is a very important role, so consider the flag bearer carefully.

Advice from Col Skinner, Digital Strategist & Consultant  at


Do you have a question about getting started with social media? Or do you have your own tips for social media success? Share with the rest of us Moneymagpies below.

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Col Skinner

Dont forget to use UTM tracking codes to give yourself that extra level of granular data attribution in Google Analytics.
Also, utilise the conversion tracking features offered by Facebook and Twitter to ensure you dont advertise to those who have already clicked your ads.


Wow that’s really useful. Thanks!

Sarah Brockwell

At sarahBee marketing we’ve worked with over 800 Entrepreneurs. The one thing they all have in common is the knowledge that social media is imperative. However, most of them recognise that just ‘doing’ social media is not enough – you have to have a strategy and use the tactics in your feature to ‘do it right’. I especially like the tips from Danny Hall about the strategy for choosing the right platform.


Good point Sarah. We’re still working on our strategy!

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