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Job alert: Make £70,000 a year as a nanny

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We just found this slightly bonkers job advert for a nanny. You’ll be making £70k a year if you’re successful, but it does sound pretty crazy/demanding. However, for that kind of money, it may well be worth it!


What you get

Young woman playing with toddler

On top of the £70,000 annual salary, you’ll also get free accommodation in the living quarters within the family’s Leicestershire home with a private bathroom and bedroom. To round it all off, the parents are offering 28 days holiday and bank holidays off.


Unconventional parenting

Young man with little girl on his back

The job advert seems to pretty much have only one criteria: Make the kids happy and let them do whatever they want. The kids’ parents will only be home 3 nights a week and this is a live-in position so you’ll have to deal with them the rest of the time. The parents let the kids write a large portion of the job advert and it turned out like this (we’re not joking)…


1. We want to play football and other stuff with them
2. I want them to play Fortnite and FIFA with me
3. I want them to be fun and not have any rules and we want to stay up to whatever time we want
4. We want to make cakes every day and have pizza for dinner all the time
5. We don’t want them to be angry with us ever
6. They have to do all of our homework and I don’t want to do any chores

If they’re nice to us we promise not to be naughty or prank them and we’ll always be nice to them. But if they shout at us or are mean, then we’ll be naughty and get upset. We can’t wait to meet you and have lots of fun together!

Right… So this is certainly an unconventional job, and an unconventional way of parenting, but it does sound quite fun. There are worse ways to earn £70k than baking cakes, playing FIFA and eating Pizza.



Senior woman baking with little girl

Well, it’s quite self explanatory really. You’ll obviously need to be good at video games and sporty. Bonus points if you can bake a cake. You’ll have to be very, very laid back and good with kids. You’ll probably also need to be happy to do the kids homework everyday, so polish up on your maths!

On top of the special duties requested by the children, the nanny will also be required to wake the children up and get them ready for school, feed them three times a day, take them to and pick them up from school, and put them to bed.

The parents have made it clear that the children can be challenging so, due to their demanding careers, it’s imperative that the children have a childcarer that will keep them happy for long periods of time. Basically, be cool.


Apply now

Young woman reading story to young children

If this sounds like the right job for you, apply here.

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