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Make £15 an hour collecting coupons

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Are you any good at saving coupons?

I know I’m not.

And I know that every Sainsbury’s bag that I have idiotically forked out 5p for has had a few drifting around the bottom if I’m lucky, and a few soggy and mangled if I’m not, in the back pocket of a pair of washed jeans.

But, an online services marketplace, has launched a new online initiative to solve this problem and to actually help people make the most of their coupons.

To operate their service, however, they’re looking for penny savvy people to be professional coupon collectors and they’re offering these pros £15 an hour!

Coup this be you?

Why do coupons matter?

What’s the Professional Coupon Collector service?

What does a Professional Coupon Collector do?

How do I sign up?


Why do coupons matter?

Cutting coupons

According to coupon company, “even though the volume of money-off coupons and vouchers in circulation appears to have fallen, UK consumers still saved £3.4 billion in the 12 months to April 2017”.

This is a significant amount of money but something that only around 44% of Brits actively go out and look for.

This means that this £3.4 billion figure could be doubled if every Brit started taking their coupons seriously!

Coupons don’t just help you save money on your groceries, they’re used by companis such as Boots, Burger King, Aveeno and Krispy Kreme and so can help you save money on sanitary products as well as little luxuries.

Some people don’t have the time or energy to spend precious minutes trawling through mags and newspapers looking for those valuable scraps of paper but they are usually the people who would benefit the most from them.

This is where comes in to help.


What’s the Professional Coupon Collector service?

Cutting coupons is a site where members of the public can find and connect with local service professionals and this now includes its new initiative which is the UK’s first Professional Coupon Collector service.

The service is aimed at consumers who want to save money on things like food, clothing, appliances, homeware and motoring, but don’t have the time and knowledge to search for offers themselves.

The way it works is it gives people the opportunity to hire Professional Coupon Collectors in their area who’s task it is to find them the most relevant and dynamic deals.

The service comes after there was a huge rise in demand for it, following’s ‘Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Player’ service launch back in April of this year, where gave members of the public a chance to pay Pro Players to collect McDonald’s Monopoly stickers for them, to win the top prizes.

Kai Feller, co-founder of, said,

“We’ve launched other bespoke services for people who want something slightly unconventional, and after the success of our McDonald’s Monopoly service, we started to have loads of requests for a wider coupon collection service.

“The coupon and loyalty scheme market is huge in the States, there’s even a television programme dedicated to extreme couponing! The deals are out there, so if paying a Pro Coupon Collector can end up saving you hundreds, even thousands of pounds in the long-term, it’s a small investment at £15 an hour.”


what does a professional coupon collector do?

colourful coupons

Coupons can be found in magazines, newspapers, leaflets and promotional material but sometimes it can be a lot of faff cutting them out and collecting them.

The job of a pro Coupon Collector is to build up a solid collection of coupons and to pass them onto clients, as well as trawl the internet for any online promotions.

It’s a great way to get paid to read magazines and even be a bit artsy and craftsy!

Pro Coupon Collectors can expect to earn up to £15 an hour through the site however, as with all service professionals, they can change their prices dependent on customer needs.

Not bad when your only expenses will be buying a good pair of scissors and your daily newspaper!


how do i sign up?

Coupon code on mobile phone

Members of the public can sign up to be a Pro Coupon Collector here:

People who sign up as a Pro Coupon Collector will have to provide a photo ID and have internet access. They may also be required to sign up to, and manage, loyalty schemes on behalf of clients.

Pioneering professionals will further be asked to specify the radius within which they would be happy to work and this can range from 5 to 50 miles from their home address. This means they will have to be prepared to travel to meet their clients and make the most of the deals in their local area.

Members of the public who want to hire a professional to collect the best coupons and offers will be able to request a Pro Coupon Collector from anywhere in the UK here:

So what are you waiting for?

Start getting paid to collect coupons now!

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I have had some great bargains from using coupons.

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