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Nov 30

Make £20,000 a year as a protein taster

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You can make £20,000 as a protein taster for an online fitness marketplace.

The job advert states that the perfect candidate will have a passion for fitness and nutrition, good knowledge of supplements and protein, a keen sense of taste and exercises regularly.

The job will require testing the marketplace’s new ranges of protein powders and feeding back on taste, texture, functionality and value for money.


what is a protein taster?

Woman drinking protein drink

Like food tasters, someone who is a protein taster has to try out various supplements – particularly protein products – for taste, effectiveness, look and feel and other aspects that interest the company’s customers.

The protein taster is generally required to test at least one product per month, but could be needed to try a few each month.

It may also be required that the protein taster samples supplements and other fitness nutrition products as well.


how to get a job as a protein taster

Protein supplements

Right now, the fitness supplements company is looking for a professional protein taster to sample and feedback on the new protein products it sells on the site.

The job role will include receiving new products through the post, and trialling them for two weeks at a time to then submit a full review back to BlueAppleFitness.

protein taster job requirements

  • The job advert states that the perfect candidate must have a passion for fitness and nutrition.
  • While qualifications in personal training and/or nutrition are not required, applicants should weight train at least four times a week, have a good knowledge of supplements and nutrition and a keen sense of taste.
  • Applicants must be 18 years old and above and have a UK home address.
  • Both men and women are encouraged to apply for the position by Monday 11th December here:

protein taster application process

To apply, candidates must submit 500 words on why they think they’d be a good fit for the job, along with supplements they already use and love, how often they exercise and their social media handles.

Shortlisted candidates will have to take a general multiple-choice test on nutrition and exercise in the New Year to determine that they have the right level of knowledge.

The successful candidate must feedback on the product’s taste, texture, functionality and value for money. In terms of functionality, this specifically refers to whether it ‘does what it says on the tin’. The protein tester can request to trial the product for longer than two weeks, to reach a better judgement, if required.

Jyoti Mehan, founder of says, “We pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best products, so before we start selling them on the site, our protein taster will make sure that it’s authentic. Therefore it’s imperative that the taster exercises regularly, as many protein supplements and other fitness nutrition products are most effective when the consumer leads an active lifestyle.

“The fitness market is saturated with products that are misleading and gimmicky, I want to avoid having such products on, and the only way to cut the wheat from the chaff is to have someone who would be a consumer of it normally, test it and give honest feedback.”


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2 years ago

Great idea if you don’t mind the taste.

payday loans
payday loans
2 years ago

Really shows that we should all be thinking outside of the box when it comes to new and different ways to make that extra bit of money.

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