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Make money as a Coffee Machine Secret Agent

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Do you love coffee?

Often find yourself in coffee shops?

Then you’ll love this strange but exciting job opportunity.

A new start-up, Coffee Machine Secret Agent, is planning to build the TripAdvisor for commercial coffee machines.

That’s where you come in. They need people to go around towns and places with lots of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. and ask the employees in each venue what they think.


What does it actually involve?

Your job will be to collect reviews about coffee machines from employees who work in coffee stores.

You can ask more than one employee per store and the review usually only takes two or three minutes.


What skills do I need?

They’re after someone with a clean, professional demeanor and appearance, a super friendly outgoing personality, a good knowledge of their local area and a clean CCJ.

You’ll also need lots of energy and a smartphone or 4G enabled tablet so you can collect the reviews.

Happy coffee

How much can I earn?

You’ll earn £2 per survey and Coffee Machine Secret Agent expect someone working an eight hour day to get between 50-150 reviews per day.

That means you can earn £100-£300 a day just collecting reviews.


Is this suitable for me?

The great thing about this position is it’s totally flexible, and you’re able to determine the days and hours that you work.

So if you’re just looking to supplement your income or are working around a family, this is the perfect position for you.

Obviously you’ll need to be confident speaking to strangers and a love of coffee will probably help.

Find out how to apply here. 


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