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Make money as an introvert

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Do large groups of people exhaust you? Are freedom and autonomy what you look for in prospective careers? As an introvert, you may sometimes feel that the world of work is geared against you, but not to worry – there are plenty of jobs for those with an independent soul. 


Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry… 

Lorry driving at sunrise

Long hours on the road with nothing but you, the sky and the radio… For those who aren’t so fond of constant company, this can be the perfect escape. 

As a lorry driver you get to be out and about in the world, seeing parts of the country you might never normally visit. 

Your starting salary will typically be around £15,000 per annum, but working hard is found to have a significant impact on your pay and can boost it all the way up to £35,000. A reputation for reliability is your best friend in this job, as it will allow you to get more valuable, higher paid loads for further distances. 

Learn more about being a lorry driver (whether red or yellow) at this link here. 


Graphic designer 

Graphic designer using Mac PC

Long hours on the computer with nothing but you, the artificially-simulated sky and the radio… Okay, sorry, it’s actually about as different to being a lorry driver as you can get. 

Graphic designers create everything from logos to websites to book covers. At first you will need to communicate closely with the client to establish what exactly they are looking for, possibly brainstorm with a team to come up with ideas, and then you are left alone to bring these ideas into a digital reality. 

Depending on your role, you may also present and sell these designs to clients, requiring confidence and presentation skills. 

You must be highly artistic and creative; a degree in a design-related course has been found to be extremely beneficial. However, as you might expect, your portfolio is always going to be the most important tool in finding you a job. 

Most jobs are found within the advertising industry, but you could also look around in some of these sectors: 

  • Publishing  
  • Television
  • Computer games 
  • Education 
  • Packaging  
  • Magazines 


For animal lovers 

Dog and man high fiving

Sick of humans? Can barely stand to meet the barista when buying a coffee, let alone be with customers all day? The solution is clear: work with animals instead!

Dog walking 

Professional dog walking services are becoming ever more popular as busy people find that they no longer have the time to pound the streets with their hound. You can either join an established company or work as a freelancer. Either way, your experience in dog care will be the main attraction to potential clients. You can pad this out with qualifications in animal first aid or canine care, although they are by no means essential. 

There are a couple of rules set by the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers that you’ll need to keep in mind: 

  • Walk a maximum of four dogs at a time 
  • All dogs must wear collars in public with their owner’s name and address 
  • Remember to scoop the poop! 

Find out more about becoming a dog walker.

Cat café 

Statistically, cat lovers are more likely to be introverted than dog lovers, and are also more likely to have a higher IQ. If you’re nodding along and thinking this sounds like you, why not do the smart thing and check out the cat cafés hitting high streets around the world? Here you can get a job as a cat nanny, and be paid to care for and play with cats all day long. 

Pet grooming 

Out of the three mentioned here, pet grooming is usually the highest paid and is easier to turn into a full-time profession. Training is often given on the job, with no qualifications needed beyond experience with animals. 

Dogs are the most common clients, but you might also be brushing the fur of cats, horses, rabbits and more.  


For book lovers 

Little girl sat on stack of old books reading

For many, the image of the introvert is one who spends their Saturday night curled up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. But did you realise that there are not only ways to save money on your reading habit, but also ways to make money? 

Book reviewer 

Many reviewing sites offer free books (try to contain those squeals of excitement) to avid bookworms in exchange for reviews. The majority are based in the US, which means that international reviewers will receive an e-book rather than a hard copy. 

You can usually specify your preferred genre, whether it be fantasy, romance or biography. Reviews are typically expected to be 200-300 words long, including a quick non-spoiler plot synopsis. 

Some sites prefer you to post the reviews on your personal blog, while others will want you to send them in for publication in a newspaper or magazine. 

Sometimes you’ll be paid with books rather than cash, but that doesn’t matter for some as it’s what they spend their money on anyway! 

Some sites you can look at include: 

  • Any Subject Books 
  • Kirkus Media 
  • Online Book Club 
  • Publishers Weekly 
  • The US Review of Books 
  • Women’s Review of Books 
  • Bethany House 
  • Book Browse 


Copy editor 

Copy editors are a key component of the publishing industry, although they are often overlooked and forgotten. They go over the ‘proof’, which is one of the later drafts of the text before publication. This is in order to check it for, among other things: 

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation 
  • Character and plot consistency 
  • Factual and historical accuracy 
  • Possible libel or breach of copyright 

This role is a lot more highly skilled than many people assume. Are you a grammar Nazi? Does mentally correcting mispronunciation bring you a strange sense of joy? This could be the job for you! Learn more about being a copy editor at this link here. 


Make money online 

Woman sat on the floor using laptop

One of the easiest, quickest and most fun ways of making money is to do so online. This is great for Miss Introvert as it provides the perfect excuse for not going to a huge Saturday night rave – you’re working! 

There are millions of possibilities, some more lucrative than others (which require a bit more effort on your part). Here are some of our ideas, with links to our articles that explain them in more detail: 


be a House sitter 

Woman sitting on sofa with a book and a cup of tea

Theft, especially burglary, is one of the most common crimes that people will fall victim to throughout their lifetime. Although security measures are up and coming, the one thing thieves are really looking to avoid is the presence of a person in the house – which is where the house sitter (literally) comes in.   

Employing a house sitter can be advantageous for many reasons, as they can perform other tasks like: 

  • Caring for pets 
  • Keeping the house clean and tidy 
  • Watering plants and caring for the garden 
  • Forwarding mail and phone messages 
  • Maintaining house security 

This can be the perfect opportunity for you, dear reader, to be paid for living in someone else’s house and essentially getting a free holiday. It’s the chance to travel and visit places you have never been before, without people you may quickly tire of. 

Some house sitters opt to be paid in food and rent, while others charge between £20 to £50 a day – a very nice money earner if the homeowner is on a three-week cruise. Alternatively, if the house is particularly nice and you’re using it as a base for a family holiday, then you may be asked to contribute to the rent – although this will still be far cheaper than a regular holiday let. 

A few sites you can look at include: 

Find out more about house sitting here.


Sell your photos 

Camera and photographs

Many an introvert has a quiet hobby to work away at, and when this hobby is photography you are in for a treat.  

In our visual world, photographers are needed for every aspect of life from advertising to weddings. Of course, as an introvert the hectic madness of a wedding photographer may not appeal to you. An excellent alternative is to step into the growing world of stock photography.

Stock photos are everywhere on more or less every website that has ever existed. They are images of normal everyday items and scenes like laptops, coffee mugs, people chatting and cars driving. You’ve probably noticed a few dotted around this very article! 

Check out some of these great places to sell your stock photos:  

For more advice about selling your photos, take a look at our article here. 

Any other ideas about how to make money as an introvert? Tell us all about them in our comments section below.

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