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Make money at the bookies…without gambling a penny!

At MoneyMagpie we are strictly against gambling. Chances are you’ll lose money and, in the worst case scenario, it could become a serious problem for you. Our advice would always be ‘never gamble’.

Matched betting, however…well that’s something entirely different.

Don’t let the name “matched betting” put you off.

It’s a way to make money at the bookies without gambling. Matched betting has nothing to do with the traditional risk associated with placing a bet, because no matter whether you win or lose, you still make money.

Sounds too good to be true or slightly dodgy? Not at all.

It’s legal because all you’re doing is taking advantage of promotional offers that the bookies themselves are putting out, and it’s effective, because you’re literally guaranteed to make money. There are few opportunities that reward your time with a guaranteed profit, especially at the bookies. You won’t be making £1,000 off a single bet, but you will be able to earn over £1,500 tax free a month if you really commit to it.


What exactly is matched betting?

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Matched betting is a process whereby you take advantage of special offers promoted by bookmakers in order to attract new and existing customers. The aim, is to get our hands on the free bets within these offers without risking your own money.

To achieve this aim you place a bet on an outcome and then also bet against it using a betting Exchange. Doing so allows us to access the free bet and make a profit without risking your own money, to guarantee a profit.

Nearly all do this through a matched betting service to find the offers you need and to help you work out exactly where you need to put your money.

Heads&Heads is a reliable service that does this all for you and makes the process very simple. Here’s what happens:

  1. Heads&Heads find the right offers for you
  2. You choose the offer you would like to do. For example, Coral have an offer on – Bet £5 and get a £20 free bet.
  3. You then place a £5 bet with Coral on a horse to win.
  4. You place another £5 on the same horse to lose with a Betting Exchange.
  5. These bets will then cancel each other out AND you’ll now have access to your free bet without risking your own money.
  6. Place your bet and withdraw your profit

It’s an incredibly simple premise and all the money you make through bookmakers is tax free. If you make £1,500 in one month from matched betting, which is completely possible, it’s all yours, to do with as you wish.

Why not start now, just in time for the World Cup? There is no way to lose and of course it’s completely legal!


Why Heads & Heads?

Heads&Heads was set up by a matched betting expert with the belief that matched betting as an industry has enormous potential to become a respected and accepted method of investment/saving.

The website has 150+ offers constantly up to date, adds 15+ reloads every day and has first class customer service – no annoying robots or call centres.

Heads&Heads are not part of a parent company or funded by an outside entity. If a recommendation is made by Heads&Heads, you know it comes from the site founder and not with any strings being pulled by someone else in the background.

This is the perfect platform to start out with matched betting and offers potential for big earnings for dedicated users.

Get started now.


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