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Mar 29

Make money by renting out your film and television equipment

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Remember that fancy video camera you bought a while back? The one that’s been gathering dust. While it sits at home unused, you could be making extra money on the side. Did you know you could make money by renting out your film and television equipment? Thanks to MotionTribe, it’s super easy to make income by renting your film and TV gear to other creative professionals.


What is MotionTribe?

Woman using video camera

MotionTribe is an online platform that matches equipment owners to equipment renters. The idea is that owners can earn money by renting out their gear. Meanwhile, filmmakers looking to hire equipment can skip the rental houses and save both time and cash.

The platform was founded in 2015 by production professionals Haroun Souriji and Aurélien Troonbeeckx.  Since then, it has enabled owners in Belgium to register their equipment as an available asset.

As of February 2018, MotionTribe has expanded to London, creating new options in equipment rental, valuable networking opportunities and most importantly – a new source of income for you.


Getting Started is Easy

Video camera

Thanks to MotionTribe’s straightforward design, you can register your professional video and photo equipment online with just a few clicks. Signing up is free! From there, you simply make your kit available for rental to a community of creative pros such as yourself.

Users then search for what they need and arrange to collect. To simplify transfers and provide space for testing, you can choose to use a hub, or a convenient location, where equipment can be left and collected. Cherryduck Studios in Wapping, London, is the first announced hub, though the preferred option is to pick up locally at your address.


A Safe, Secure Way to Rent

Man holding video camera

Safety is the main concern for many equipment owners. They fear their stuff might not come back in the same condition as when they rented it out – that expensive lens might come back damaged, or it might not come back at all. Fortunately, every piece of gear rented through MotionTribe is properly insured.

As you earn income, you can be confident that MotionTribe users are manually screened. The company personally checks each of their members to maintain trust across the community. Renters are also evaluated after each rental so you know you can trust them.

MotionTribe has even created fully-comprehensive insurance with a very low excess. This affordable, effective insurance package is backed by insurance multinational AXA.


Value That Keeps on Giving

Video Camera recording

Equipment on MotionTribe is up to 30% less than from a conventional rental facility. Renters pay less for your gear and save money on travels by renting locally. By adding your gear and setting the rental price yourself, any money invested in audiovisual equipment pays for itself.

MotionTribe’s top users have rented their equipment more than 30 times in their first year, generating enough income to buy new gear.  To date, the platform has recruited 25% of Belgium’s 3,000-strong production community, representing over a thousand pieces of kit.

But the value doesn’t end there. Whenever you rent to other members, you enhance your profile, expand your network, and create new opportunities to collaborate. As well as expanding to the UK, MotionTribe’s co-founders plan to launch the platform in other European countries.


Camera Rental Reinvented

Woman using video camera

Renting your equipment to and from other professionals has never been easier. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your gear is totally covered.

So dust off that camera and rent out your kit to other creatives. With MotionTribe, filmmakers have access to an unlimited choice of audio-visual equipment, and you have a great way to earn cash with almost no effort.

Visit for more information.


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2 years ago

Great idea ti rent out this equipment.

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