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Aug 20

Make money drinking gin and travelling the world

Reading Time: 3 mins

To gin or not to gin?

Silly question.

Whether it be a martini, a negroni or just a straight forward gin and tonic, this most versatile of alcohols is guaranteed to lift your spirits an could even be lifting you off the ground as the next global gin ambassador!

Are you valiant, courageous and up for a story book adventure?

Then this is the job for you.

Read on to find out how you could get paid to drink gin and travel the world.

The dream job

What’s the catch

How to apply


The dream job

Gin cocktails

Inspired by the absolute classic that is 80 Days Around the World, London bar group Mr Fogg’s is opening a new bar called Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration and has decided to celebrate its launch in superstar style.

As part of its new initiative, Mr Fogg’s is partnering up with Bombay Sapphire and hospitality firm Inception Group to create a fantastic new job opportunity for one person (and their friend!) to become their all-expenses-paid world gin expert!

In true Jules Verne fashion, the lucky pair will be following in the footsteps of the legendary inventor, zooming off to destinations including Hong Kong, Paris, New York City, San Francisco and Bombay from August to November this year.

The two globetrotters will be expected to document their travels as they go and to snap pictures of themselves for a blog and Instagram followers.

They will also have the difficult task of sampling the gins of the different countries that they visit and putting together their own inventory of botanical substances for a unique cocktail that they will eventually be mixing at the end of their trip.

This ‘Around the World’ cocktail will be given pride of place in Mr. Fogg’s drinks menu and will become the bar’s pièce de résistance, encapsulating the very taste of transatlantic travelling and presented at a spectacular “welcome back” party to be held at the Society of Exploration.


What’s the catch?

Woman in victorian dress

If this does all sound too good to be true, then you’re right…

There is a catch but it might not be what you were expecting!

Taking the theme of the trip to heart, Mr Fogg’s list of Indispensable Essential Criteria includes being “willing to clothe oneself in Victorian finery”, suggesting that you might have to prepare yourself for 80 days of corsets and crinolines!

Not a fan of fancy or flouncy attire?

Well if you still need persuading, Mr Fogg’s is sweetening the deal even more by stating that the chosen candidates will receive payment upon returning from the trip.

Although the company has not specified the amount or the currency, here’s hoping that it comes in liquid form with a wide variety of mixers!


How to apply

Gin by the pool

If you can already feel the sun on your face and the gin coursing through your veins then here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you apply:

  • Are you over 21 years of age?
  • Can you take a “well-lit and well-assembled photograph”?
  • Are you “prominent on various platforms of social media”?
  • Do you have a valid passport?
  • Do you have “an acquaintance or ally, whom is also well equipped in the art of photography and this selfie taking?” (This one should be easy!)
  • Are you inventive, fun and willing to experiment with your taste buds?
  • Have you read 80 Days Around the World and visited Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour, Tavern and House of Botanicals?
  • And lastly, are you “unoccupied and ready to accomplish this adventure between the dates of August 2018 and November 2018”?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then the next step is dealing with the actual application form itself which does include one or two questions you’ll have to think carefully about!

The form opens quite nicely with a question about your favorite travel destination from the last 5 days but also includes a little gem which states: “what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to one?”

Maybe give yourself a little extra time to think up a good answer to that one!

Otherwise, good luck and get packing.

Apply here by the August 27th 2018!


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2 years ago

Sounds ideal!

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