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Make money from Easter

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Looking to make money this Easter?

It’s fast approaching, so get prepared and give yourself the chance to make a bit of cash out of it!

Special occasions are always great ways to earn quick cash and Easter is no different.

Easter hampers make a creative yet inexpensive gift for your friends and family – and they can be a good money maker at the same time.

We’ve got loads of ideas on what to fill your hamper with, and there’s even more information on how to advertise and sell your creations in our article on how to make hampers to sell.


The hamper

Homemade Gift Hamper

Boxes, baskets and hampers can all be found for very little.

Amazon has a big selection with prices starting from just £3.99. SnaffleUp, Freecycle and Gumtree are also worth a look for people giving away unwanted items – the more eclectic your collection of containers the better we reckon!


All things chocolate

Make money from Easter

Try filling a hamper with home-made chocolate gifts for the chocaholics in your life. You can make your own Easter eggs simply by melting chocolate and painting it into the inside of an egg mould, which are available here for as little as £3.98. Plus if you buy three moulds you get the fourth free!

Once the Easter egg is set you can decorate it with icing sugar or add pre-made piped chicks or flowers. From the website Cakes, Cookies and Crafts you can buy a single edible rose for as little as 71p and 2.5g of multi-coloured edible glitter for £3.59.

Other Easter treats you can experiment with are Easter cookies cut with bunny, chick and lamb-shaped cutters. Selections of Easter-themed cookie cutters start at just £1.74. For cookie recipes take a look at

The Chocolate Trading Company has an amazing range of chocolate decorations, with marbled chocolate curls from just £1.95. You could even add a bit of glamour to your cake by getting some sugar diamonds from £2.95.

You could also make Easter-themed figure chocolates by pouring melted chocolate into different shaped moulds, which you can pick up from most craft and candy-making suppliers or at Cakes, Cookies and Crafts from only £1.


Child’s play

Children hunting for Easter eggs

Fill a basket with Easter treats and activities to keep sugar-crazed youngsters occupied over the Easter weekend.

You could make up an Easter Egg Hunt kit including a map, cryptic clues, Easter characters and even a few eggs to get things started.

For more ideas visit the Purple Trail website. Also consider adding stuffed toys or hand-made sweets which could be made sugar-free for a healthy alternative.

To find out how to make stuffed animals, take a look at this website which gives you a 10-step easy-to-follow guide. Markets are a great place to pick up cheap materials in bulk and the equipment you’ll need to make the toy. You can also pick these things up at Hobbycraft.

Poundland are also offering ‘make your own’ felt kits. There are three different options to choose from in the range; felt chick, felt bunny and Easter bunting. For just £1.00 this is a great little treat for the kids, giving them a reason to get creative this Easter and making it a great inexpensive treat to include in your hamper.


Easter cakes

Make money from Easter

If you’re a bit of a whizz with a baking tray and icing sugar you could fill your basket with Easter cakes such as simnel cake, hot cross buns, nest cakes or Easter biscuits.

There are many recipes on the internet and in cook books available at your local book store, however Moneymagpie recommend the BBC Food website for easy-to-follow hot cross bun, Easter biscuit and simnel cake recipes.

To find out how to make chocolate nest cakes visit Another particularly good collection of Easter cake recipes can be found here. With over 85 recipes to choose from you’re going to find one that is perfect for your basket.


Savoury Baskets

Easter food

If you don’t have a sweet tooth you could make savoury goods to put in a basket. Treats might include home-made pies, chutneys or soups.

You can find a long list of chutney recipes on UKTV Food including apple, peach and apricot chutney and plum and pear pickle.

Delia Online has many soups recipes such as a delicious butterbean, bacon and parsley soup. also has a recipe for this delicious Italian Easter Pie, traditionally made the day before Easter and served to signify that Lent has finally come to an end!

You could also buy local cheeses, wines, savoury biscuits or pâté. To find great deals on wines check out Majestic which has plenty of deals!


Summer Baskets

Easter basket with flowers

Create a bright and summery hamper filled with home-grown flowers, seeds or plants. You can also include dried flowers which you can display in frames or cards. To find out how to frame flowers visit this website and to find out how to make your own dried flower cards click here.

You can also use dried flowers to make pot pourri. To find out how this is done click here.

If you have green fingers and grow your own fruit or veg, you could put these into your summer basket. Consider making your own recipes which use your fruit and veg and then include them in your basket for a personal touch.

Summer drinks are a great addition to Easter baskets and can be made cheaply and quickly. Delia Smith’s recipe for home-made lemonade only requires lemons and sugar! She also has recipes for a pineapple cooler and iced tea.

If you have a generous budget you could make summer cocktails such as a Peach Margarita or a Strawberry Martini. Click here for more ideas. You can even put the drinks into empty wine bottles to save money.


Now give your basket that little something extra…

Easter basked with goodies in

It’s important to remember that these baskets are meant as gifts, so they should look as gorgeous as possible. The key to decorating baskets effectively and cheaply is to keep it simple.

Place some shredded paper in the bottom of the hamper to protect your goods. If you’re including particularly delicate items in your hampers, such as bottles of wine or glass jars, put foam in your basket to protect them.

Then arrange your items so they’re all facing the same way and look snazzy. You could layer the items by making levels in the basket from shredded paper. This way none of the items will be hidden.

To add a touch of Easter arrange a few decoration chicks in the hamper or a few false flowers. You could also paint eggs and use them to add colour to your basket. You can pick up all these things cheaply at markets or at Hobbycraft.

To add an extra bit of luxury you can tie a ribbon around the basket or wrap one around the handle. You can also paint the basket or, if you have artistic flare, paint Easter eggs or bunnies on it.

You should always practice your designs on paper first just in case – you don’t want to make a mess of your basket. You could also make stencils to help you paint figures onto the basket. For more information on decorating your basket see our article on how to make and sell your own hampers.

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