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Aug 22

Make money from Pokemon Go

Reading Time: 8 mins

Yes, you can make money from Pokemon Go…with a bit of effort!

Follow our ideas and cash in on this crazy craze.


What is pokemon go?

Make money from Pokemon GoIf you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go…where have you been???

Haven’t you been tripping over clutches of people (mostly teens and twenties) wandering round streets and monuments, staring at their phones like they’re part of some strange, religious cult?

These are Pokemon Go players, or ‘trainers’; people who would usually be at home playing a dumb game on their phone. Now they’re outside…playing a dumb game on their phone.

And that’s the genius of Pokemon Go: it gets online gamers outside into the fresh air. Amazing!

Pokemon Go is an ‘augmented reality game’ where players hunt for hidden Pokémon – cute cartoon characters that became popular in the 1990’s – and you have to try to “catch ’em all.” As they ‘exist’ all over the world, that’s quite a challenge.

Pokemon Go is now, apparently, more popular than Tinder and even Twitter. Yup, it’s that big.

Download it at Google Play or the App Store to see what the fuss is about.

Here’s how you can make money from Pokemon Go.


Transport Pokemon Go players

Make money from Pokemon GoGot a car? Got a rickshaw – or could you hire one? You could offer your services to the lazier, or more time-pressed, Pokemon Go players to take them to all the hotspots in your area.

Make sure that you’re paid by PayPal or, if you’re doing it a lot, get them to pay by card through your mobile. Don’t accept cash as that’s too risky – if you’re taking strangers in your car you need to have some way of contacting them.

Not surprisingly this is already happening in America. Enterprising drivers who play the game and know the hotspots for Pokemon creatures are offering their services at $20-30 an hour. They’re advertising through Craigslist and Facebook. You can do it through Gumtree, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat among other places.

Some drivers even offer in-car wifi so that users don’t have to burn through their data plan to catch the creatures.


Run Pokemon Go travels

Make money from Pokemon GoPokemon Go ‘trainers’ are supposed to collect as many Pokemon as possible and they’re all over the world.

Whilst you can catch most Pokemon in the UK, there are four Pokemon who are region specific (Kangaskhan, Tauros, Farfetch’d and Mr Mime.) Plus, even though a Pokemon might be available in the UK, certain types are much more common in different terrains – for example we’ve heard that even though Mr Mime can be caught throughout Europe, they’re particularly prevalent in France! This means that players might have to travel if they want to catch them all.

You could set up special Pokemon Go holidays where you take people to places where there are Pokemon to be caught.

Some of the places that are the most Pokemon-crazy are:

New Zealand: New Zealanders are so keen on Pokémon Go they set up a national Snapchat account ‘PokémonGoNZ’. You can send snaps of yourself to the account for a chance to be featured there.

Australia: Here you can go kayaking around around Sydney’s harbours and chase after the Pokemon water creatures.

America: There are Pokémon Go meet-ups in cities around the States. These include Pokémon pub crawls and hunts at university stadiums.

Germany: European Pokemon Go was originally launched in Britain and Germany. Germans have embraced it with vigour and the Mayor of Dusseldorf actually blocked off a bridge popular with Pokemon Go players so that they could be safe. It has transport officials to block off traffic when it gets crowded plus portable toilets and rubbish bins to help.

Netherlands: .Zuiderpark in The Hague is one of the best places to play Pokemon in that country. It’s so popular with Pokemon Go players it has been nicknamed Pikachu Park.

How you can cash in

When it comes to creating Pokemon Go travels you could

  • Actually create tours abroad specifically to find Pokemon. This would involve a lot of effort and would have to be aimed at players with money (there are quite a few of those so don’t worry). This is best for people who already have some experience in running tours abroad and know how to market them to the right people.
  • Create tours in your own country or in your own city (if you live in a big one). This can be for locals or tourists. Again, it involves some work including sorting out transport, finding places for them to eat, providing regular battery top-ups and probably organising hotels. But if this is something you do already then it’s just a new angle on things. Or, if you’re a fan yourself and have friends that are into it, your knowledge and interest can help you put together the sort of tour that you know other devotees would love. Just make sure you price it right and market it to the kind of people who would a) love this sort of thing and b) have the money to pay for it.


Install a ‘Lure Module’

Make money from Pokemon GoOnce you have downloaded the game at Google Play or App Store, you can see if your home or business appears on it near a ‘PokeStop’ or a ‘Gym’. If you have one of these in or near your business you will see a lot more people visiting.

  • PokeStops are where players will flock to pick up items such as eggs and Poke Balls.
  • Gyms are more like fighting grounds, where players get together to ‘train’ their Pokemon and slug it out.

So, let’s say you live near one of these, you will get a lot more foot traffic near your home which means you could make some money. In hot weather you could stand outside your house selling cold drinks, or run a garage sale every Saturday.

If you have a business near one of these and you want to attract passing Pokemon Go ‘trainers’ into your cafe or shop, advertise incentives to them. In Dusseldorf, for example, a local fast-food restaurant has a merit-based rewards system for players. They can get free muffins, drinks, or even an entree for free, depending on how far on they are with the game.


Get a Lure module.

‘Lure Modules’ are another clever way that Nintendo and Niantic (makers of Pokemon Go) are pulling in money hand-over-fist. They are strange electronic items that will pull Pokemon to you – rather than you having to go out and ‘trap’ wild ones – for thirty minutes at a time.

You can buy them or acquire them in a level-up.

Lure Modules, as well as enabling you to be lazier with the game, will bring a greater variety of Pokemon to you. This will make your home or business even more attractive to passing players.

This will also help if you have a stand at a local market or car boot sale. Lure ’em in with a Lure Module!

See how to make money at car boot sales here.


Set up a refreshment and recharging station

Make money from Pokemon GoCatching Pokemon is hungry and thirsty work so set up a stand near a popular Pokestop or Gym where you sell food and drink as well as enabling trainers to recharge their mobile phones (for a small fee).

Get a portable power bank here for £7.99Or, if you set up the station outside your home, you can just run an extension cord from a power socket.

it doesn’t have to be anything fancy if you don’t have the cash at the start. Just a table with food and drinks and lots of Pokemon pictures around to show you’re on their wavelength.

See here how to make money running a mobile food unit.


Sell your pokemon go account

Make money from Pokemon GoThis is only worth doing if you’re already a major Pokemon Go player yourself and you have risen up to an impressive level.

Basically, you can sell your account to others who don’t have the time or energy to hunt for Pokemon on their own. They want to play but don’t want to put the work in to get to the level they would be happy with.

You need to have an account that is loaded with desired Pokemon. One account sold for $1,500 on eBay but it had Magikarps in it (a reasonably rare Pokemon) which upped the price.

Others sell for $100-150 a time, but if you have some rare creatures in your account you should be able to get around $1,000 at the moment.


Make Pokemon Go items to sell

Are you good at knitting, ceramics, painting or just plain drawing and painting?

Use Pokemon creatures as inspiration and sell them at car boot sales, markets, or, even better, on the street near popular Pokemon Go Pokespots.

It could be cushions with Pokemon creatures on, paintings, printed mugs, printed T-shirts and more. Let your imagination be your guide!

See how to make money knitting here.


Stop people harming themselves with pokemon go

Make money from Pokemon GoNot surprisingly, a lot of Pokemon Go trainers have put themselves into dangerous situations because they’ve been so wrapped up in the game and haven’t looked where they were going…like into the path of traffic or around toxic waste bins.

They need protection and that can come from you.

Yorkshire-based says they’ve already been forced to warn players – both adult and children – away from recycling centres and landfill sites, where they’ve nearly dropped themselves into serious harm.

For example, some of the incidents they have heard from their members include: 

  • A teenager climbing on industrial bins containing metallic waste behind a factory because “There’s a Jigglypuff here, give me two minutes”
  • Two youths who stepped out in front of a bin lorry on their way to a nearby Pokestop at a local war memorial, who were within inches of being road traffic accident victims.

In fact injuries are so common as a result of playing the game, doctors have revealed the 5 most common injuries received as a result of playing Pokemon Go. 

So why not hire yourself – and possibly some friends with you – as Player Protectors, charging by the hour literally to guide them by the arm, stop them stepping out in front of traffic, preventing them from dropping into toxic waste cans and providing a buffer between them and a tree they are about to walk into?

That way, they can give their full attention to the game in hand with complete confidence that they’re never in harm’s way, thanks to your support.

You could even have special T-shirts printed with Pokemon characters on and ‘Pokemon Protector’ printed on the back. Maybe printed caps as well.

The possibilities are endless!


What do you think of these ideas? Going to give one of them a go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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4 years ago

Some nice ideas. However selling digital (non-physical) goods on ebay is very risky as I’ve learnt from my own experience. You have no seller protection should the buyer claim non-receipt of goods or if a chargeback is issued etc.

1 month ago
Reply to  Henna

That is a very important point you’ve raised there, Henna. Instead of just sending the buyer of an account the username and password, I would advertise for sale something tangible, such as a letter with the username and password on it. You could send it through the post with the Recorded Delivery service, so that you would have evidence that it had in fact been sent.

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