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Make money from your idle camper with Camptoo

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Are you lucky enough to have a campervan, motorhome, or touring caravan sitting on your driveway?

As well as giving you the unbeatable freedom to hit the open road whenever you desire, did you know that owning one of these vehicles can actually be a savvy investment?

On average, campers are sitting idle for 48 weeks of the year, when in fact they could be earning you money when you are not using it.

That’s where Camptoo comes in. It’s a new sharing economy platform that just launched in the UK, connecting owners and renters of campervans, motorhomes and touring caravans for staycations and European adventures.

On average campers listed on the site are rented out for 10 weeks per year. This means if you add yours, you could earn an average of between five and eight thousand pounds per annum! Of course, this is influenced by a number of factors, from vehicle capacity and age of the vehicle, down to the British weather so this figure could actually be much more.

Whether you simply want to cover the cost of your motorhome, have extra cash to splash out on your next holiday, or start up a viable small business, the possibilities are endless!


How exactly does it work?

  1. Sign up easily on the Camptoo website
  2. Create your own advert by setting the pricing, availability, specific house rules and uploading a photo of the vehicle – you’re completely in control
  3. Wait for the rental requests to roll in

Renters browse adverts and send requests via the inbuilt messaging tool, giving some info about themselves, details of their preferred itinerary and their driving experience. You can then decide whether to accept the reservation and allow them to pick up your vehicle at a mutually convenient location. By meeting in person you can share all important wisdom and tips about your vehicle.

Camptoo provides all the necessary paperwork, payment processing, checklists and roadside assistance. Plus for extra peace of mind renters are required to pay a deposit to cover in case of any unfortunate incidents.

On average rates on Camptoo are 20% cheaper than those offered by other companies, so you can set pricing competitive enough to entice bookings, but not overcharge prospective travellers.


Tim’s Story

Tim from Melbourne was in the process of selling his motorhome as he and his wife had completed numerous trips around Australia and were in the mood for something different. Tim heard about Camptoo and the potential of renting out his motorhome through his insurance company newsletter. He got in touch about the potential of renting out his motorhome and decided to give it a go.

Now one of the top hosts, he has rented out his motorhome for over 25.000AUD (over £14,000 based on current exchange rates), with more bookings to come. As well as giving the couple more freedom, they’ve been able to travel the world – Tim is taking to his wife to Morocco, Scotland and Vietnam this year with the money he’s made from Camptoo.


Colin’s Story

Another campervan owner, Colin, didn’t plan on renting out 6 campervans, it sort of just happened that way. He started with one and then a friend asked if he could borrow it and it’s grown from there. The owners decide when they rent it out and to whom, but Colin doesn’t make a big fuss out of it. “I hire them out to anyone. Being able to get stories back from the travellers is one of the most enjoyable things. You get to hear where they have gone, where they have taken the vans and the excitement they have when they come back is amazing.”


Why Camptoo?

Bourne out of frustration at the restrictions and costs associated with traditional hire companies, Camptoo was set up by Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Peeters. The overall mission is to spread the joy of escaping stressful daily life and getting back to nature once a while.

There are almost 2,500 vehicles to choose from across Europe and a further 250 across Australia, with more being added every week.

A broad range of vehicles are welcome on the site, varying in size & level of luxury, so whether you have a converted fire truck (this really has been up for rent) or a classic VW, there’s a family, couple, group of friends, or solo traveller out there looking to enjoy it!

Sign up here!



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