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Dec 09

Make money online by giving out advice

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Have people ever told you that you’re really good at giving advice? Maybe all of your friends continuously come to you and ask for your opinions on things. Or, you’re known as that one family member who can help with various problems. 

Well, isn’t it a bit strange to give all of your knowledge away for free? You can see where I’m going with this…you can turn your talents into a thriving online business. These days, anyone can make money online if they’re creative enough. People make a living out of being consultants or life coaches, so why don’t you give it a shot? Here’s what you need to consider: 


What advice will you give?

Unfortunately, you can’t really make money by giving out generic advice to everyone. Nobody will pay for this. Instead, think about what people are willing to pay for. What would you spend money on? Most likely, advice on a specific topic that’s important or valuable to you in some way. You want advice that can help you gain something. 

As an example, financial advice. People will pay money to hear tips and tricks on trading, investing, or even saving money. The same can be said for business advice. This advice is free, but if you wanted expert advice from someone inside an industry, then you might be inclined to pay for it. 

Sometimes, people even pay for life advice. If it helps them improve their self-confidence or make challenging decisions, then it’s worth it. 

So, figure out what advice you can give out. This should be easy – consider your main strengths and specialties. Set yourself up in a field you have lots of knowledge of, don’t try and give financial advice just because it’s popular!


Create your website

Next, you have to think about how you’ll make your money. Well, that’s pretty obvious – you’re going to get people to pay for your advice. More specifically, how are people going to get advice from you? Well, it all starts with a website. A website gives you a virtual office for people to come to. It’s where everyone will find you and read about what you offer. 

From here, they can book consultations with you or pay for advice. It can all be done through here! So, make sure you get custom web development services to create a killer website for yourself. It should look sleek and modern – really give off an aura of professionalism and expertise. You need to wow people with this website as it can convince them that you’re the real deal. Think about it, would you pay for consulting or coaching services from someone with a dodgy website? Of course you wouldn’t, how can you trust somebody that can’t even take care of their own site?!

Advice on setting up a website


How will you provide your service?

This is easier than you think. Don’t settle for one option, provide a plethora. The obvious one is to provide consultations or advice over a video call. This gives the same effect as a face-to-face meeting, but you can still do it from the comfort of your home. Or, give the option of written advice. Some people prefer to see things written down as they take it much better. Plus, some people don’t like the awkwardness of speaking to someone face-to-face. This way, people ask for your advice on a certain topic, and you can deliver a report to them via email. 

Lastly, you could go the extra mile and organize proper meetings. This defeats the purpose of making money online, but it might be worth trying. 


Make money through secondary sources

Finally, you can explore more ways to make money online through this idea. As well as getting paid for your service, you should think about creating a blog or podcast. Both of these options let you display your expertise for free. People can listen to your podcast or read your blog posts and form a high opinion of you. It does wonders for your reputation and increases the chances of people actually paying for your service. 

More importantly, both of these mediums can be monetized. You can get adverts on blogs and podcasts to earn some extra cash, and you could even get sponsors of affiliate partnerships, etc. So, even when you’re not working with clients, you still make money!

There you go; you can make money online by giving out advice. It’s a simple concept, but surprisingly profitable. Follow the tips laid out above if you want to give this a go. 



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9 months ago

Veryinformative article.

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