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Make money showing people around your local area

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Are you passionate about your local area?

Would you like to make money showing visitors around it?

Then we have just the job for you!

The website ToursByLocals allows you to sign-up as a local tour guide in your area and markets your service through their website – you get all the fun of being a guide without having to worry about the hassle of the admin.

Read on to find out more about making money showing people around your local area.


How does it work?

make money as a tour guide showing people around your local areaYou’re able to join up to TourByLocals for free and they’ll market your tours to people looking for guides where you live.

They handle all the administration – they handle the booking, travelers’ requests and payment, so you can just focus on giving the best tour possible.

People using your services will be wanting a private tour and to take advantage of your local knowledge to find out all the things they couldn’t in a large tour group.


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Can I be a guide where I live?

Make money as a tour guide showing people around the local area in the UKTourbyLocals has people operating all around the world, including guides working all over England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So, as long as people are coming to your area and looking for a guide, there’s no reason why you can’t advertise your services!



What makes a good guide?

Make money being a tour guide around LondonAs a tour guide your responsible for:

  • Making sure you deliver a quality tour in a friendly and professional way
  • Replying to all customer inquiries and booking requests within 24 hours
  • Making sure all your account details are up-to-date on site

But beyond the basics, we wanted to know exactly what makes a good tour guide, so we asked TourByLocals.

They said “Above and beyond any other skill or personality trait, a successful tour guide demonstrates a real passion for the area they’re guiding in. Travellers want to be excited and enthralled with what they’re seeing, and a good guide shares this passion!

“In addition to this come the basics: a friendly personality, a deep knowledge about the places they guide (expertise in a particular area – e.g. history, architecture, gastronomy is a strong asset), and a genuine desire to meet and spend time with new people.

“A good guide needs to be always polite and accommodating, willing to be flexible and make each tour experience slightly different – people love getting a custom experience!”



How much can I make?

cash3As a guide you get to set your own price for your tours but it should be competitive with the local market to make sure you actually get business.

As an example, Amanda, a guide in London, charges $460 USD for an 8-hour tour of London.

ToursByLocals takes a 20% commission on any tour booked which covers the costs of your marketing, payment processing, etc.

Thankfully you are covered for last minute cancellations or customers who don’t show and ToursByLocals covers your liability insurance.


Is this a money making opportunity you’re thinking of giving a go? Ever been a guide before? Let us know in the comments below.



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First of all, thank you very much for posting this article on how to become a tour guide in your local area.

I must stay I am both very interested and excited about working as a local tour guide in London. I am familiar not just in East London but also in City of London and Central London. I have very good knowledge of the entire area and I also strongly feel they are also hotspots for tourists.

I am just wondering what would be the best way of going about applying as I am itching to get started.

warm regards,



I think the best thing to do is to look at the website mentioned in the piece, see what other people are doing (and charging) and then come up with your own package. Contact the website and get them to put it on display.

You could also offer it to other organisations. Why not get in touch with the English Tourist Board and see what they suggest. They might know of other organisations that would be interested.

Libby Forsyth
Libby Forsyth

Retired teacher interested in Scottish history and landmarks. Willing and interested in ‘classroom on tour’.

Kind regards

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