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Dec 14

Make money turning your pet into a star

Reading Time: 3 mins

Have you got a cute little pet you think the world should know about?

Chances are, if you find your pet cute and entertaining, so will others! It’s a great opportunity to make some extra money from just spreading your love for your pet online. Here’s our step-by-step guide to helping your pet become a star (and earn you a bit of extra cash)!


Give your pet a memorable name or nickname

There’s a reason “Maru” is so memorable – it’s easy to say, sounds cute and can easily be worked in with rhymes, phrases, etc. Short, sweet and personality driven are the essential qualities of a good pet name or nickname. It helps to start young to capture the cute and silly behaviour, particularly of puppies and kittens. Read more about how Maru became so successful to help you get an insight into how this works!


Observe their behaviour

Does your pet have a penchant for pianos? Or boxes? Or a certain funny pose? Observe your pet’s behaviour and see if there’s anything unique and amusing you might be able to showcase. It’s all about helping people get to know the quirky unique personality your pet has to offer – this is what helps your audience fall in love and keep coming back for more!


Create social media accounts just for your pet

If you’re going to be posting a lot of pet pictures (and you should be) it’s wise to separate this venture from your own personal account. This is because your friends may not appreciate seeing a whole bunch of pet pictures, but also because many people prefer to just focus on your furry friend – they won’t be quite as interested in you. Cater to the audience and create separate accounts.


Use hashtags effectively

People looking for new content to follow will often investigate hashtags as a source of new information and content. Don’t miss out: make sure you integrate hastagging effectively into your online posting. This way, you ensure that your audience always has the chance to grow, according to people’s interests. If you’re really unsure where to start with hashtagging, why not take a look at these dos and don’ts.


Invest in decent photography

Make money turning your pet into a starIf nobody can make out your pet from a spot on the lens, it’s time to upgrade on your camera and equipment. Nice quality photos are key to engaging with your audience, and brushing up on your composition/framing skills will certainly help to take your pet from just another pet online to a bona fide star!

Keep in mind the importance of good lighting, and avoid using flash. Use outdoor or natural light as much as possible. Try also to take photos from your pet’s-eye-view, so that viewers get a sense of seeing the world from their perspective. Getting in nice and close to your pet will give viewers a better sense of their personality, inspire the feeling of closeness and access to their point of view.


Explore video

If you are daring enough, you might want to go beyond just taking pictures of your furry friend. YouTube is an immense platform, and if you can crack the success code, it can be very lucrative. Videos of pets go viral regularly, and this can either be a great way to augment your existing following with a different medium, or introduce new audiences to your pet. Read more on how to make money from YouTube.


Post frequently

It’s really important to keep posting regularly to maximise your pet’s exposure. On social media, effective posting should include 5-10 Tweets a day and 1-4 Facebook posts a day, as a rule of thumb. Consider how many of these you might schedule ahead, and create for yourself a simple content calendar to keep on track. Make sure you are posting at the right times for your time zone and for the social media channel you have selected.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out these viral pet stars to get you going! Start capitalising on your pet’s unique persona today and your pet could become another viral Internet hit.



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11 months ago

My dog would love the attention.

4 years ago

wow amazing

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