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Make money with an oven-cleaning business

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Your very own oven-cleaning business – how does that sound? Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated household jobs and something many of us put off until it’s absolutely desperate. In fact, people dislike the chore so much, they’re willing to pay for someone to come and do it for them!

There’s serious money to be made doing this – you could make yourself up to £100 per oven, as long as you don’t mind using a bit of elbow grease. Oven cleaning can be a great way to earn extra cash, or it could even become a full-time business for you.

The potential market for oven cleaning is huge, as almost every UK household has at least one oven.

Getting started

You need to first decide what route you want to go down. There are three main ways to get work as an oven cleaner:

Set up your own business

Becoming self-employed in any field is a big move, but it could be the best one you ever make. Just imagine – no boss to answer to, no going to the same old workplace every day and no more office politics! However, being self-employed requires a lot of hard work and commitment. You’ll need to sort out your own tax payments, which means putting money aside ready for when your tax return is due.

Visit the GOV.UK website for full details about becoming self-employed.Make money with an oven-cleaning business

If you do decide to go it alone, consider getting some polo shirts made with your company logo printed on to give you a professional look.

Becoming a member of The Association of Approved Oven Cleaners is worth considering. Being a member certainly won’t hurt when it comes to marketing your business, and will give customers reassurance that you’re professional and reliable.

Jasmine says...

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Becoming self-employed can be a daunting prospect, which is why we’ve put together this indispensable article with everything you need to know about freelance finances.

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  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Potential to expand
  • No boss to answer to!


  • You have to find all your own work
  • No sick pay
  • No regular income

Work for a company

Working for a company gives you security in knowing how much you’ll be getting paid each month, whereas with self-employment your income can vary significantly. Here’s a list of oven cleaning companies you may want to approach about finding work.

  • Oven Cleaning London
  • Oven Cleaning Specialist
  • Ovens Above
  • Oven Sheen
  • The Oven Cleaning Company – Scotland
  • OvenGlo
  • London Oven Cleaning Company


  • Finding work for you is their responsibility
  • Equipment and materials provided
  • Set working hours


  • The company reap the full rewards of your efforts
  • Risk of job loss through redundancy or downsizing
  • Limited number of holidays

Run a franchise

What is a..


This is when an established company allows others to use its business model, marketing and trademark to sell their service or product for profit. This is in exchange for a start-up payment and ongoing fees. ‘Avon ladies’ are one example of a franchise business model.

With an oven cleaning franchise, you’ll receive a van and all the proper cleaning materials. Decent companies will also provide a dedicated sales team who will pass work on to you. A franchise normally opens up opportunities in the commercial as well as domestic sector (so you could also find work cleaning restaurant as well as household ovens).

Although a franchise can be great once you’re up and running, you’ll need a hefty lump sum to get started. Ovenclean charge a start-up fee of £16,995 plus VAT. They also recommend a minimum personal investment of £10,000 to cover working capital and VAT. If you’ve got the money to get your franchise off the ground, it can be a very satisfying and profitable way of running a business.

Here’s a list of oven cleaning franchises:

  • Ovenclean
  • The Oven Cleaning Company (England)
  • Ovenu
  • OvenGleamers
  • The Sparkle Oven Cleaning Co.
  • Cookerburra Oven Cleaning Services
  • Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Network


  • Low overheads
  • Domestic and commercial opportunities
  • Vehicle and materials provided


  • High initial outlay
  • Regular fees to pay
  • You’ll be tied down to a contract


How much can you earn?


The sky’s the limit when you work for yourself.  You dictate how much work you do and therefore how much you earn.

Here’s a list of ‘going rates’ for different types of oven. Be aware that this may differ depending on the area where you’ll be operating, so ensure you do your research and make your prices competitive.

Standard oven:

  • Single oven: £50Make money with an oven-cleaning business
  • Double oven: £65
  • Microwave: £12
  • Gas hob: £16
  • Ceramic hob: £10
  • Extractor: £12

Range size:

  • Single oven: £58
  • Hob: £20
  • Complete range (small): £75
  • Complete range (large): £90


  • Two-oven size: £75
  • Four-oven size: £100

Jasmine says...

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For an extra stream of income, you could replace light bulbs in cooker hoods and ovens. Buy them in bulk and make sure you offer them when doing a normal clean.

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As you can see, doing two or three ovens each day would see you earn a good living. Plus, once you’re established there should be plenty of repeat business and a good reputation will result in lots more work.


Franchise Direct claim that their Ovenclean business can help you earn more than £1,000 a week. However, you’ll have to take into account your initial outlay and regular fees.


Some companies will start you off on minimum wage for a trial period of a few months. After that you can expect to earn around £14,000 a year, although many companies offer a starting salary of £16,000 and above. In London wages can be around the £20,000 a year mark.

A conscientious company will want to maintain their reputation so will pay well for the right staff. If you can demonstrate that you’re hard working, thorough and efficient you’ll do well.

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Similar ways to make money

If you’re considering starting an oven-cleaning business and have questions or ideas, leave a comment below – we love hearing from you!

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Jacqueline Stewart
Jacqueline Stewart

Hi Martin,
Would you be able to send me some about training and starting up oven clean business.


Hugh,can you give me some more details of what you use ?


I still can’t believe that this kind of business actually exists! 12 pounds to clean ….a microwave oven? Is this a UK kind of thing?


I am currently researching how to set up an oven cleaning business. I would like to know what sort of course I would need? I don’t want a dip tank…not to start with anyway, and have found something to use to start of with. Anyway, I struggling to find much info on courses other than a couple of online courses. I don’t have much money so £200 to 2000 is not ideal for me. Is it more of a case of learning on the job… so I could offer to clean friend’s for free/ reduced price to obtain knowledge and… Read more »


Hi Sian, through experience in this business I would say there’s a fine line between success and failure.
If you don’t put in the effort and finances at the start you’ll always be scratting around looking for jobs/customers.
You need some sort of training course even if it’s following another oven cleaner for a day or 2, and you’re right you should do some free/reduced rate for friends at the start.
I’m still learning about different things and I’ve been trading.5 years now.

Martyn Taylor
Martyn Taylor

Dear Hugh,
I am currently looking into starting my own oven cleaning business cleaning ovens. I researched the matter and I have wondered if a dip tank is absolutely necessary to acquire a professional finish. Your comments about how you operate your business model (i.e. cleaning with the use of products and not needing a specially kitted out vehicle) intrigues me. I would be very grateful if you would contact me about your practice. My email is Thank you in anticipation

Martin Eccles

Hi Martyn, I sent you an email earlier, if you haven’t received it check your junk folder.
Martin Eccles


Useful info Hugh, thanks!


Oven Cleaning Franchises are extremely expensive to set up. All the major ones insist you buy one of their vans fitted with a completely unnecessary Dip Tank. The Dip Tanks are dangerous to use and why anybody would need water hot enough to give third degree burns to remove grease from a metal rack is anyone’s guess. They will also require a contract and you will have to buy their products. I have been cleaning ovens for over 30 years, I use a car, and use products to clean an oven and hob which cost £1.00 which can be obtained… Read more »

John Cooper
John Cooper

I also offer training packages. The package includes all equipment, dip tank, chemicals and materials needed and 2 days training as well as ongoing telephone support. The cost for the package is £1395. This is a non franchise opportunity, you keep all the profit. Please contact for more details.

Ausi BBQ Dude
Ausi BBQ Dude

I am looking for a business opportunity in Sydney Australia, this sounds very interesting


Hi , very interested.
do you have a contact no.
thanks martin.

Martin Eccles

Hi Martin,
Further to your post last night on 29th Oct 2015, I’m not sure if you were asking for my contact number or someone else’s?
If you go on to my website ovenclean4u and fill out the contact form I will come back to you.
Your postcode is required to send message and I can look at the competition in your area before speaking to you.
Martin Eccles

Graham Rogers

We can help you to start your oven professional oven cleaning company as a franchise business owner with OvenGleamers The Oven Cleaning Franchise. Where you will be in business by yourself but not by yourself as part of the OvenGleamers national network. We been training people like you from different backgrounds to become professional oven cleaners since 2010. We provide full professional training in all types of ovens, range cookers and AGA cookers in our class room, in our comprehensive training facility and with real life customers. We arrange for you van to be fitted out with a professional oven… Read more »

Julie Brookes
Julie Brookes

Hello You might be intrested to know i sell my ovencleaning system to people who want to start their own business. The diffrence is i am not selling a Franchise. I charge a one off fee of £7,000 and for that i give a 2 week training course which covers all aspect of ovencleaning, also i advise on how to market your business, and a kit which should last 6 months. I have worked in the business since 2002, i have devoloped a system to clean ovens, hobs, extractors and microwaves without the use of caustic products, but the big… Read more »

Mike Ingham

Hi Julie,
Can you let me have some information re your oven cleaning business, in relation to me starting one up.

many thanks


Martin Eccles
Martin Eccles

Hi Mike, which area are you looking to cover?
I’ve been running my oven cleaning business for nearly 4 years. I’ve looked at new products and I saved my nearest competitor about 80% on some of his materials. I get on with him, we pass each other work and go for a pint every now and again (not many in business do that !!)
You can call me on 07570 868 967

Mike Ingham

Hi Martin,

Very good of you to answer, at the moment im just thinking abou tsetting up an oven cleaning business.

If I decide to go ahead, I would be interested in making contact again,

Kindest regards


Martin Eccles
Martin Eccles

Hi Mike, I would get the info you’re looking for before you decide to start this business.
I’ve spent a lot of time and effort (and money) improving my business.
With regards to advertising/websites/SEO there are a lot of cowboys out there, I’ve met my fair share…
A lot of training companies sell you the products so it’s in their interest to sell as much as possible.

Declan Hancock
Declan Hancock

Hi Martin
I am thinking of starting an oven cleaning business
In Dublin,Ireland can you help. May I phone you or
can you email me

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