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Make MORE money in the North West

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Manchester and Liverpool are the two top dogs of the North West, offering plenty of opportunities to make some extra money on the side. Don’t forget Blackpool or Chester either, each popular destinations for summer days out and thus brimming with seasonal work.

Not only are there ways to make extra income in your free time, there are opportunities to completely reinvent yourself due to the booming tech and start-up industries in the North West.

There are also billions of pounds pouring into the region as massive infrastructure projects are reshaping the major cities.

If you don’t live in the North West and want to know how to make MORE money in your local area, follow the links below to read our dedicated bespoke guides!

How to make MORE money in the North East

How to make MORE money in Scotland

How to make MORE money in Wales 

How to make MORE money in London


Get involved with the craft beer scene

As the popularity of craft beers has swept through London in recent years, their popularity has started to increase in the North West.

Now, there are a wide variety of beers brewed in Liverpool and Manchester, many of which are based in the centres of each respective city.

The breweries can be toured as an attraction and there seems to be no stopping the growth of the independent beer craft industry, which offers you an opportunity to capitalise.

Here are some of the top breweries in Liverpool and Manchester, many of which offer jobs in tasting and crafting beer!

Mad Hatter Brewing Company 

Black Lodge Brewing 

Liverpool Organic Brewery 

Marble Brew Company 

Beatnikz Republic 

Cloudwater Brew 

Even if you don’t want to get a part time or full time role with a brewery, booking a tour or simply getting your hands on the beers made in the region will provide a lot of satisfaction.

Local breweries are great for the local economy as money isn’t sent off to the global companies like Budweiser or Heineken, so even buying a few bottles will help make money for your fellow North West residents!


Help build and invest in Liverpool Waters

liverpool waters

Liverpool Waters is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Europe as over £5.5 billion is being invested into the northern part of the docking area of the city.

For decades, the brownfield site has deteriorated and been unused, however, after planning permission was provided after a long process of working with UNESCO and Liverpool City Council, Peel (The construction company) submitted its final plans for the area, which look spectacular.

Check out the Liverpool Waters Website here.

There is a huge amount of work to be done over the coming years and a significant amount of workers will be required to help build and invest in the area.

Local residents are being offered opportunities to buy retail space to set up their businesses to if you live in the North West, this might be one of the biggest opportunities you will see for years.

All of the contact information for opportunities is on the website above.

Join the booming tech scene

tech north west

The North of England is enjoying a boom in the growth of a digital marketing sector as highlighted in this Forbes article.

Liverpool and Manchester are two of the centres in which the industry is growing so rapidly, which means there are a increasing number of opportunities to learn and make money.

The Agent Academy is a shining example of a business which is helping people to reach their potential in the region, so if you ever wanted to learn how to code, write or advertise, make sure to check them out.

Other business which offer opportunities to learn new skills and make more money include;

Liverpool Girl Geeks 

The Start-Up Factory



Become a football referee

north west referee

What comes to mind at the thought of Liverpool and Manchester? Football, of course! The legendary rivalry between Man United and Liverpool FC, bolstered by their secondary teams of Man City and Everton, has long been igniting the passions of Scousers and Mancunians alike. Unsurprisingly, this has led to the formation of hundreds of amateur football clubs for both kids and adults seeking to emulate their heroes.

So can you keep your eye on the ball? Can you explain the offside rule in less than half an hour? If becoming a football referee sounds like the perfect way to earn money on a Sunday afternoon, find out more at these links here and here.

There are thousands of amateur games played at the weekend in the North West in all age groups so if you would like to make a little bit of extra money while getting some good exercise, make sure to check out the links above.


Get lucky at the races

Chester has a respectable racecourse, although Liverpool’s Grand National is the one everyone’s heard about.

We’d better begin with a disclaimer though – in actual fact, no luck is required. That’s because we’re not encouraging gambling; throwing away money with no guarantee of a return is plain foolishness.

What we think you should try is matched betting.

In essence, this takes advantage of the free bets offered by bookies so that you can win every time. You place a bet both for and against the same outcome, so that they cancel each other out, and then make use of the free bet.

Still confused? Don’t worry, it’s pretty complicated, but easy once you get the hang of it. Try taking a look at our in-depth Beginner’s Guide to Matched Betting.


Sell along the sea shore

Blackpool Pier and Blackpool Pleasure Beach are two incredibly popular tourist attractions, both for those living in the North West and those further afield. There are plenty of opportunities here for the savvy money-maker, from helping chaperone donkey rides to setting up a stall to sell postcards and souvenirs.

With Brexit looming and uncertainty surrounding foreign travel, many this year are considering less far-flung locations for their holidays. Blackpool is high on the list for those with small children, so get ready to take advantage of opening opportunities. The many hotels and the Pleasure Beach are sure to be hiring summer staff.

Alternatively – how’s your breaststroke? Become a lifeguard and watch out for struggling swimmers on your days off work, enjoying the fresh air while knowing that you’re contributing to holidaymakers’ safety and peace of mind.


Star as a film extra

north west extra work

You may not know this, but Liverpool’s eclectic architecture made it the perfect stand-in for sites including Chicago, London, Paris, Moscow and New York. It has featured in big-name hits including:

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Jr. one)
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Widows
  • Venom
  • Johnny English Strikes Again

It’s becoming known as the Hollywood of the North for good reason, and this is the perfect time to watch yourself caught on camera (even if you are only a blurry figure in the background!)

No acting experience or aptitude is required, and there’s a place for every face and body type.

To learn more, check out our article on how to become a film and TV extra here.


Work at honeypot locations

tourist money makers

Anything to do with the Beatles is going to draw crowds. It’s a simple fact, and one that Scousers can capitalise upon. The places where they lived or wrote their songs have for the most part been turned into museums toured by their fans. Are you one of those who know every word to every song? Consider becoming a tour guide in the homes of your heroes.

Another place you could check out for jobs is Chester Zoo, famous throughout the UK and hosting some truly fabulous creatures.

Manchester’s music scene is also very respectable, home to rock legends Oasis and The Smiths. This is reflected in the many concert halls and the enormous O2 Apollo arena, all of which are potential employers for part-time or seasonal work.

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