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Make Quick Extra Cash

“How to make quick extra cash” is the big question when you’re facing big bills and you know your salary isn’t going to cover them.

Happily we have LOADS of ways to make quick extra cash, as you can see in this whole section which is about making quick money.

It’s amazing what you can make money from now.

Here are just a few of the quick money-makers you can do:


Do online surveys

Woman completing Online Survey

Do online surveys. Do be careful with these. There are quite a few that are dodgy. As a rule of thumb, don’t go for any that ask for money upfront. We’ve got a list of pukka ones here:

You can find out all about them and what to watch out for in our very informative article here.

You’re not going to get rich doing this, but it’s the sort of thing it’s worth doing if you’re on the computer anyway.

See how you can make money with online surveys here


Get into market research

Woman holding a sign with a question mark

Get into market research. You can make money either asking questions or answering them.

If you would like regular, flexible work, try being one of those people with a clipboard who asks people questions in the street or in their home. You can make a decent hourly rate and it’s flexible so if you’re looking after kids you can do it while they’re at school or in the evenings and weekends if your spouse is at home.

We’ve got more info on how to be a market researcher here.

Then there’s answering questions – i.e. being part of a focus group. There are a few companies that actually seek out people to take part in focus groups like Saros Research.

We’ve got an article on another focus group here and they’re eager for new people to work for them.


Do stuff for neighbours and friends

Woman ironing in the living room/lounge

Don’t be proud – if you need money now, do some flyers and put them through the doors of your neighbours and let your friends know (perhaps on Facebook) that you’re looking to make some extra cash in your spare time and would they like you to do some:

Come up with an hourly rate – or job rate – that is reasonable and fairly close to what the professionals are offering, but less than them.

Keep telling people in your area that you’re a gun for hire, that you can do this and that and you can be flexible with your time (if you can).

Just make sure you do a really good job and they will tell their friends too.


Make cakes, sweets and biscuits

Young woman making a tired cake

Make cakes, sweets and biscuits and sell them at car boot sales or in the office. it’s only worth doing this if you’re really good at making these things and you enjoy it of course!

Make sure you are clear about how much it’s costing you to make them (don’t forget to factor in the gas or electricity from your oven in the baking process) so that when you set a price you know you’re actually making a profit!

Vanessa Feltz told me on her programme recently about a friend of hers who makes good money making flapjacks and selling them at work on Fridays. She just does them up nicely with ribbon and sells them for a profit. Get more ideas here.


Get into dog-walking

make quick extra cash

And don’t forget dog-walking and pet minding. I know people who have given up work to do dog-walking full-time (so does Matthew!). Really, at £10-15 per dog per hour you can make really sensible money in just half a day!

We’ve got a really in-depth article here about how to get into dog-walking so make sure you look at it. It also has links to dog-walking agencies if you don’t want to get your own clients.


Sell your stuff

make quick cash

There are so many ways you can sell your stuff for cash. In fact, if you go over to our Clear Your Clutter section you will find a load of information there on how to sell your different things for the best price. For a start, here are five ways you can make money selling your junk.

For example, you could get quick cash for your DVDs, games, CDs and books on two or three websites (such as Ziffit) that specialise in this (and they send you instant cash for them). Take a look here for information on those.

Then there’s your mobile phone. Use our mobile phone recycling tool to get the maximum cash for your old one. It’s amazing how much even broken old ones can get, because companies often want the chip inside it to use in other products.

In fact you can cash in your gadgets generally (like iPads, laptops, Xboxes etc) for quite good money too. See how to do that here.

Then there’s good old eBay where you can sell anything (although some things do a lot better than others of course. We have a good, in-depth article here about how to sell on eBay for maximum return.

You can also use Facebook Groups which are local groups selling to each other The great things about these is that they’re free. They’re particularly handy for selling big things as it’s easy for people to pick them up. You don’t have to bother with wrapping and sending them.

And of course, you can get immediate money by getting all your junk together and doing a local car boot sale. Find out how to make the most cash from that here.


Rent a room or your whole house

make quick cash

It might not be absolutely immediate but you can get good money for renting out a room or your whole house.

For a start you could rent your house or flat or just a room for a short time to tourists through Airbnb. It’s a handy injection of cash if you have a nice place and live somewhere fairly popular. You might need to find somewhere to store your valuables and even empty out some cupboards and drawers first, but if you’re willing to do that then you can make in a week what you would usually make in a month with a long-term renter.

Also, thinking short-term, you could rent a room to a foreign student as they only tend to stay for a few weeks at a time. That way, even if you don’t like them, you will know that they’ll be gone soon. The money’s pretty good too, although you have to give them some breakfast along with the bed. See how to rent to foreign students here.


Use cashback sites and cashback credit cards

Holiday Cashback website on phone

You can make money while you shop by using cashback sites. These are good because if you buy through them they share the commission they get from the original company so you get cash back and they get more sales!

We like Quidco because they have a good selection of things to buy and give a decent amount of cashback. They also have special deals every now and then where you can buy something and get the full amount back – so it’s free!

Don’t forget to get free money by using cashback credit cards as well. Take a look at the credit cards in this list and find the ‘cashback’ ones. You don’t get a huge amount back, but if you’re spending anyway, you might as well get a reward for it!


We’ve got lots more where that came from. Just make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter (get more money-making and saving tips when you do!) so that you get all the new ideas into your inbox each week.

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      1. I agree with Jasmine here. I used to be a Kleenze agent myself and found that while I made money by catalogue sales, I would be working very hard for little money and quickly be losing loads of friends.

  2. hey im interested in focus groups and many other money making idears and have lots of free time would appreciate your help

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