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Make quick money selling your used items on Ziffit

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Need to make quick money?

Grab hold of your old DVDs, CDs, games and books, swipe them with the Ziffit app and get money in your PayPal account pretty much instantly.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have a load of books already read, games already completed and DVDs which you probably won’t be watching again.

Don’t let this stuff accumulate, make money selling your used items. One website where it’s easy to sell your unwanted items is Ziffit. Download the app here


What is Ziffit?

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Ziffit is a free online service which pays you for your old books, CDs, DVDs and video games.

Over one million products have been sold to Ziffit and they have a five star score on Trust Pilot based on over twelve hundred reviews.


How does Ziffit work?

Crates full of items and "Stuff To Sell" sign

The beauty of Ziffit is in its simplicity. Here are the steps to getting your quick cash:

  1. you simply enter the barcode of the product you want to sell into their search box (or scan it with the free Ziffit app) and they’ll provide you with an instant price.
  2. If you’re happy with the price offered then you just need to pack your items (they can all go in the same box) and you can then either drop it off at one of their Collect+Stores or use their free courier service.
  3. You’ll then be paid either by PayPal or cheque, depending on what option you choose. If you opt to be paid by PayPal you’ll receive payment within three working days of the trade being processed, or if you opt to receive a cheque you’ll get it the day after the trade is processed.
  4. All items handed in are expected to be of a good standard and fully working – Ziffit do not accept items that are badly missing or which have parts missing.


How much can I make?

Smiling woman holding cash

Obviously the more items you have to trade, the more money you can get back.

However, if you’re after a few example prices (correct at the time of writing), here are some current trade in prices offered by Ziffit.

  • Batman Arkham Knight (PS4) – £20.73
  • Disney’s Into the Woods (blu-ray) – £3.94
  • The Penguin complete Sherlock Holmes (book) – £2.15

So, as you can see, the prices are pretty fair and you’ll soon be able to make some money if you have items lying around (plus it’s nice just to clear the clutter.)

We’d always recommend shopping around for best prices before trading in, but Ziffit offers a quick and easy way to trade in your goods.


For more ways to make money selling your old stuff read our full article on how to make money selling old books, CDs, DVDs and video games.


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