Jun 21

Making Money from Your Garden

Who would have thought that the small patch of land at the back of your home could be a money-spinner?

As this excellent infographic from Rattan Direct shows, it is not just selling surplus fruit and vegetables that could bring in a few extra pounds.

But what plants and flowers ‘make money’? And how do you get started?


Getting started

Most gardeners save money by sowing seeds, much cheaper than buying established plants bought from a plant nursery.

·       Potted plants

The failure rate of some can be quite high and so most of us sow too many seeds. But rather than ditching the seedlings you don’t want, why not bring them on and then sell them as potted plants? A few pounds could buy next year’s seed stocks!

.      Surplus fruit and vegetables

What gardener doesn’t have a glut of fruit and vegetable at certain points in the growing season?

As well as bartering and swapping with neighbours, selling them on at a cut-price is beneficial to buyers as well as to your garden fund.

Don’t forget, selling jams and chutneys for a few pence is also a worthwhile money-spinning idea.

·       Medicinal plants

Nature usually has the answer but our reliance on chemicals can mean we sometimes miss what is on offer.

However, most prescription medicines are made from edible plants. Maybe your specimens would be welcomed by a drugs company?

·       Diversify

This doesn’t just mean different species and varieties of plants, as the How to Make Money from You Garden infographic shows.

Keeping animals – why not keep chickens and sell their eggs? – as well as bees – who doesn’t love fresh, organic and sweet honey?

There is a myriad of other ideas too, many of which you may not have thought of. But your garden could be the source of a welcome additional revenue stream. Find out more!


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