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Oct 24

Matched betting: gambling vs mathematics

Reading Time: 2 mins

In recent years, the popularity of Matched Betting has grown significantly as more and more people have utilised it as a means to make additional money online.

For most, however, it is initially approached with caution, where a lack of understanding as to what Matched Betting involves, how it can generate money and what level of risk is involved, fuels scepticism.

In reality, Matched Betting is not associated with any financial risk and has aided hundreds of thousands of people UK wide in making additional and guaranteed income.

But, as a process often misunderstood, how exactly does Matched Betting work? And what should individuals consider before investing their time?



Matched Betting utilises bookmaker incentives and promotions to generate profits from free bets. The process works by betting on both outcomes of a wager to remove the chance of losing.

For example, if you were utilising Matched Betting to generate income from the result of a football match, you would bet on Team A to win with one bookmaker and bet on them to not win [lose or draw] with another.

Whether Team A wins, loses or draws doesn’t matter as you have covered all outcomes through the Matched Betting process. You then quality for a free bet or bonus that can be exploited in the same way for guaranteed profits.




Many users are sceptical of Matched Betting until they realise that the outcome is determined by mathematical equation as opposed to risk.

This is achieved by placing two opposite bets on the same event, so that you will win no matter the result. However, it’s important to note that if you were to place these bets using your own money, it is likely that any profit generated would be slim to none.

In utilising the free bets, promotions and incentives offered by bookmakers, i.e. ‘£10 FREE bet’ you have the opportunity to turn this incentivised bet into real money.

Calculating the mathematical equation for each Matched Bet can be both complicated and time-consuming, particularly when having to source new bookmaker incentives and offers to make decent returns. Matched Betting membership sites, like Profit Accumulator, offer an easy-to-use calculator tool that enables users to generate income from Matched Betting, without having to spend hours in getting the mathematics right.



Consumer opinion is divided as to whether Matched Betting falls under the remit of Gambling. In reality, the process maximises introductory loopholes via bookmakers to generate income via a proven mathematical equation.

With conventional gambling, the bookmakers will always win in some way, shape or form. However, with Matched Betting, your income is guaranteed through simple maths, which means your money is not at risk.

This is the fundamental difference between Matched Betting and conventional betting. The element of risk of removed, therefore separating Matched Betting from the traditional ‘gambling’ umbrella.



The income generated through Matched Betting has helped some people transform their lives; from replacing their annual salary through to funding higher education. However, it isn’t something that suits everyone and in order for it to work for you, you have dedicate a small amount of time on a weekly basis, at least, to see profitable returns.


Sam Stoffel,

Founder and Managing Director of Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is the UK’s leading Matched Betting platform, having welcomed over 375,000 members since launch in 2014.


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Matched Betting Zest
10 months ago

Matched betting is still one of the best ways to make extra money.

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