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Multiple streams: 5 ways a blog can add extra revenue to your business

Content marketing and inbound marketing is definitely still a priority to most businesses. Sometimes, though, it is hard to justify the expense to the CFO. The ROI is not always as clear as from other projects, and the returns are hard to measure.

A blog can be expensive. Not only do you have to pay the regular costs associated with a website, from paying to maintain your domain name, and even purchasing new domain names that are related and redirecting them to yours, to hosting and web design and development services.

There is a solution though. Your blog can do a lot for your business, but one clear thing is that it can bring in extra revenue is ways you can easily prove. Here are five easy ways a blog can add extra revenue to your business.


More Organic Traffic

One clear benefit of your blog is that your website will see an increase in organic traffic. Why? Because people are searching for things your company or brand has the answer for. The more and better answers you provide, the more likely it will be that your traffic will increase.

This includes certain tactics like solid keyword structure, good SEO tactics, and posting frequently. The more often you post, the more often search engines will look at your site, and the more likely you will be to rank in your niche.

The key to this is relevant content. While posting recipes on your site might get you a lot of organic traffic if you are a good cook, when readers arrive, they may be confused about what you do if you are actually running a site for your law firm.

This leads us to the next way your site will make more money, because of course, an increase in organic traffic numbers does not automatically mean more money for your company.


Higher Conversion Rates

All that relevant content you have created, and those blog posts that are truly informative and entertaining – the goal of those posts is to so inform your customers about your products or services so they hit buy or answer whatever call to action you have built in for them.

This is where the more money aspect comes in. This does mean that your blog content needs to be constructed to inspire this outcome. That means it must have a few key elements:

  • It must address a relevant question or issue people are searching for the answer to.
  • It must be accurate and informative, with clear, simple to follow steps or solutions.
  • It must have a clear call to action that is easy to follow.
  • The title, the photos, and all of the keywords in the content should support the relevant topic.
  • It should not read like ad copy.

Increasing conversion rates is a great side effect of good blogging, but it takes an intentional plan to achieve.


Selling Ad Space

While it may sound counterintuitive to sell ad space on your own company blog, there are a lot of companies who do so, like Amazon. The key is that you can choose what ads appear where on your site, so you will not be promoting your competition or anything of that nature.

However, you can get paid a few different ways from these posts. You can get paid per click, or you can actually sell the ad space on your blog. This means a company will pay you to be associated with your brand.

The key here is to vet advertisers carefully. You want to market brands to your customers that support your own goals and quality standards, products that enhance what your product or service does. You need to be careful that nothing is counter to your customer culture.

Also, you don’t want to overdo ads. Customer experience is the most important aspect of your site, and your readers come to your blog for answers about your products and services and hopefully to buy from you. They don’t want them to feel advertised or sold to, even with your products.


Related SEO Posts

If you have not learned this yet, as your blog becomes more popular, you will. There are SEO companies out there who are looking to get backlinks for their clients. They will often pay you to place posts on your website with those links inside.

The good thing is that these companies often create relevant, high quality posts that are related to your business niche or brand anyway. Not only are you getting paid to post content, but you are getting good content as well.

Of course there are some cautions here as well. Some of the content will clearly not meet your company standards. Look for companies from the United States, Great Britain, and Australia as they have the best English writers and are usually more straightforward in their responses and posts.

Avoid companies from India or Asia, or at least vet them very carefully. Many of their writers speak English as a second language, and their posts can be less than stellar. They also typically will not pay as well.

Still, if you are careful about what posts you accept, this can be a great source of income for your business that really won’t cost you much in time.


Preferred Partners and Affiliate Links

Another great money-making tool is to develop relationships with preferred partners and by using affiliate links. Of course, the best way to spread the word about your business is through word of mouth. A preferred partner is one way to do so. For instance, if you are a marketing agency, you could partner with a web development company who provides services you don’t. You advertise for them and feature them on your site, and they do the same for you, recommending your services to their customers.

Another way to do this is through affiliate links. These are links with a special code in them, and if visitors to your site click on them, you get paid when they make a purchase on another site. This can be a great source of revenue and referrals, and you can offer affiliate links to other blogs and companies as well, increasing your own sales.

Your blog can and should add extra revenue to your business regardless of what you do. Use these ways to get started, and your blog will be profitable.



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