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Jun 22

Need A New Job? Here Are a Few Ideas to Find the One You Want

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The lockdown period has left many people without a job. Out of the millions worldwide, some will be able to get their old one back, once their company reopens or when the economy gets back to full speed but others will have to look for a new workplace. It probably won’t end there either, as a larger number of unemployed people is being predicted by experts.


Make Sure Your CV Is Perfect

If your CV doesn’t pass the test, you simply won’t have a chance to emphasize your value in front of potential employers. Therefore, you need to spend as much time as necessary to come up with a CV that will be remarkable. To do that, your first step is to find a website where you can follow professional guidelines on how to create a CV. A place where you will find examples you can follow and templates to fill. The goal is not to reinvent the world of CVs but to get it to perfection. Once you have filled the various boxes with your information and you believe it is ready to go out to companies, show it to people around you whose opinion you trust. If you know anyone working in HR, send him/her a copy before anyone else.


Apply to Temporary Agencies

You don’t know how long it will take you to find your next dream job, so if you don’t want to settle for less, you need to continue bringing in revenues. A temporary job is the best way to be able to wait for the right opportunity. You will be surprised to see how much demand there is on the market for people with all different kind of skills.


Ask Your Friends and Family about Potential Job Offers They Could Know About

It is a well-known fact that most jobs are filled by referral. Even if you think everyone around you knows about your availability, you should still e-mail, call and text everyone you know that could potentially be helpful in the field of work you are working in. It’s time to review all the contacts in your phone and press the call button whenever you think there could be a possibility. If in doubt… call anyway.


Apply for Available Positions

Yes, you know which job you really want, and you may have a few companies in mind. But you still need to look at all of your options, which include finding a job through industry-specific, geographic-specific and general job boards. At the very least, it may get you an interview where you can practice your presentation.


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