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Oct 21

New To Freelancing Life? Here Are Top Ways To Master Self-Management

Reading Time: 3 mins

Freelancing might seem like a cakewalk for those who look at it from afar. However, those who have invested their soul and minds to it truly know the struggles that are faced by every freelancer out there who are just starting out. 

A few of the common and major problems that freelancers face is managing their time, projects, and thus the responsibility. Many are lured by the chance to become one’s own boss and enter the industry of freelancing. What many forget is that freedom comes with huge responsibilities. 

In order to succeed as a freelancer, it is essential for you to learn self-management skills, otherwise, it can easily get chaotic and overwhelming. Self-management is basically doing exactly what a manager would have done for yourself. It is organizing, prioritizing, and developing leadership qualities for managing your own work. 

As a freelancer, you are your own manager and you need all the qualities that a manager possesses. 

There is a good chance that these qualities and capabilities won’t come naturally to many of us. Thus, to help you with the same, here are a few practices that you can carry out to ensure you develop your self-management skills effectively and efficiently. 


Here’s how you can master self-management as a new freelancer 


  • Identify and define your goals 

Like every other job, role, or business, you need to set standards, objectives, and goals for your freelancing as well. When you have goals, you have something to direct your life towards. Freelancing can often feel like an excuse. To avoid this feeling, and to feel more fulfilled in your career, it is best to define your goals beforehand. Before starting out your freelancing career, figure out if you wish to start as a freelancer and then go ahead to start your own business in the same industry. Or, you want to continue to stay small and earn enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. 


  • Establish a routine or a schedule 

Creating, establishing, and sticking to a rigid schedule or a routine is perhaps one of the most important things to do when managing your work as a freelancer. Having a schedule ensures that you have stability in your work and keeps you accountable for your actions. It is very easy for your work to go haywire when you don’t have a boss managing you. Quite often, freelancers tend to procrastinate and thus, get stuck in the loop of too much work and too little time. To avoid this, self-manage your work and have a work from home routine in place. 


  • Make use of a digital tool 

There are plenty of digital tools that are available in the market that make your life easy as a freelancer. One such tool is a project management software. One of the best project management software is Teamwork. This tool allows you to organize your projects and schedules in a much quicker and easier manner. There are plenty of advanced tools that Teamwork has to offer to make your project management more effective. You can set the start date and the due date of your projects, use instant messaging, and also plan milestones with the help of this tool. The best thing about this tool is that it is a subscription-based pricing model.


  • Keep a track of your time

Last but not least is to keep a track of your time. It is important for a freelancer to learn where they are spending their time, which websites are they hovering over for much longer than needed, and which apps they can eliminate using. All of this can be done using a time tracking tool. A time tracking tool allows you to learn about your time and enables you to spend your time more wisely. You can allot your time better with the help of a time tracker and thus, it is a tool that is certainly worth investing in. 



Freelancing life can often get overwhelming in terms of time and project management. This is where various digital tools come in the picture. Project management software and time trackers can ease out your life as a freelancer by allowing you to organize your work and your time effectively. 



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