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Mar 18

Not just for kicks: Luxury sneakers which have soared in price

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It’s not new news to hear athletes and celebrities, such as Off-White, PlayStation and Kanye West, are collaborating with major brands, going back to 1984 when Nike introduced the Air Jordan or when Adidas and Run-DMC came together in the late 1980s.

Sneakers are and have been synonymous with pop culture and it is these coveted celebrity-endorsed partnerships which has led to some of the most innovative footwear designs. These designs are iconic enough to gain the attention of sneakerheads as well as the average joe.

It’s no surprise that the prices of these high-end sneakers have consistently continued to rise, as the demand is only growing stronger – so much so that even the cheapest pair on the most expensive list can be the same price as a second-hand car.

The demand is so high that individuals are turning their eBay pages into revenue generating business models thanks to the likes of Kanye West and Virgil Ablor. These same money-making entrepreneurs are utilising reselling platforms like StockX, Stadium Goods, Grailed and Goat.

Owning an exclusive pair of footwear has become that itch you just have to scratch, with some wanting to rock their new kicks, others collecting because of the sub-culture engraved within the sneaker community whilst some seek to resell the trainers to turn a profit.

Leading entertainment experts PlayUSA have conducted a study analysing some of the most popular sneakers of 2018-19, the biggest increase in value compared to their original retail price, finding the top brands to invest in and most valuable trainers on the market.


Sneakers That Peaked in Price in 2018

As a result of the influencer era and FOMO (fear of missing out) – the average price of sneakers has spiked in terms of both retail price and especially in terms of resale value. Kicks that once had a reasonable price tag soon saw a tremendous increase when resold due to desirability and limited stock.

The research found that these sneakers were the ones that hit new peaks in terms of price – the triple threat of Nike:


1. Nike Jordan 1 Retro High x Off-White University Blue Jordan is a brand that needs no introduction, however, when Off-White, a streetwear fashion brand, got involved, they gave new life to a classically styled sneaker. The retail price for these were only £148. However, when being resold they’ve hit the peak price of £1,170 – a profit margin increase of by 689%.


2. Nike Air Max 1/97 x Sean Wotherspoon (Extra Lace Set Only) – Ahead of Air Max Day, Sean Wotherspoon’s winning entry to 2017’s ‘Vote Forward’ competition become one of the Nike’s most anticipated releases. Sean, the co-owner of Round Two, replaced the upper reflective waves of the traditional Air Max 97 with varying colours of corduroy and added the midsole unit from 1987’s original icon Air max 1’s to create a new classic. The 1/97 model was released in 2018 and had a retail price of £125 but then had an increase of 432% which raised the price to a new peak of £664.


3. Nike Air Presto Off-White x Nike Presto “Polar Opposites – Black” – Again another collaboration between Nike and Virgil Abloh, founder of menswear brand Off-White, has made the top three kicks. The Presto kicks features an all-black upper and midsole with accents provided by a delicately-pinned white Swoosh with a small orange tab – in a very unique way. These were released in 2018 and could be bought at retail for £125, but in resale, these had a 416% price increase and peaked at £644.

Nike sneaker


Buy, Buy, Buy! Resell, Resell, Resell!

Nike are a dominant force in the sneaker market which isn’t surprising, however, it doesn’t stop other brands drawing close in terms of pricing. But who should you invest in if you’re looking for trainers at the top of the resale market?


1. Nike: Jordan – The Nike Jordan sneaker has always had a big price tag that only increased at resale. But, the collaboration with Off-White was received very well among both sneakerheads and resellers alike. The Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White University Blue at retail were only £148, however, at resale, they increased 689% peaking at £1,170.


2. Adidas: Yeezy – When Kanye collaborated with Adidas in 2014, it changed the game in terms of popularity. It was the first time he had done a mass produced shoe endorsement that was able to reach a larger audience. Since that partnership, all of Kanye and Adidas collaborations have sold out in seconds. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Reflective sneakers had a retail price of £172 and showed a 243% increase that peaked at £589.


3. Converse Chuck Taylor: Off-White – Even though Converse isn’t a competitor to Nike they have also shown a change in both the creative designs and resell value. These limited edition Off-White Converse sneakers saw a 146% increase when they peaked from £101 to £249. Off-White have been a brilliant collaborator for both Nike and Converse – seeing that both of their collaborations saw an increase in resale value.


You can get a full taste for all the sneakers which made the top ten resale kicks here.


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1 year ago

Worth looking out for these trainers.

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