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Online surveys – the benefits

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Online surveys - the benefitsAt Moneymagpie we absolutely LOVE online surveys.

Whether you’re a student, single parent or retired, they’re a great way for you to earn money and give your opinion at the same time.

If you’re free during your lunch hour, or can snatch a half an hour here or there in the evenings, you could make yourself some easy cash by taking an online survey or two.

Other benefits of online surveys include the fact that they’re really quick and easy to do, sometimes taking no more than 15-20 minutes of your time, and you can also win some amazing prizes too. What’s not to love?!

While you won’t be able to make a significant income from online surveys, the money and reward you can gain will supplement your income nicely.

For relatively little effort, you could be making as much as £50 a month, as one intrepid Moneymagpie online survey fan discovered!

MySurvey, a paid online survey website.One of our favourite online survey sites is MySurvey, an online paid survey community where people such as you and I can influence future products and services by taking part in online surveys, as well as diaries and product tests.

MySurvey gives you the chance to voice your opinion on a range of topics, which means that you can play a pivotal role in shaping the products you see and use every day, as well as services and advertisements on TV or in print.




Just by doing a 15-20 minute survey, you can earn yourself points which can be redeemed for payment via PayPal, or for a large variety of exciting products, vouchers, gift cards and more.

In 2014, more than £20 million was awarded to members of MySurvey!

All you need to do is sign up to MySurvey and fill in your details.

Remember – the more details you fill in, the more surveys you’ll be asked to do. The more surveys you do, the more points you’ll earn, which can be redeemed for payment and amazing prizes. It’s win-win for everyone!

Your opinion is a powerful thing. Discover just how powerful it is, and more, at MySurvey.



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