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Points to consider for your first yard sale

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Whether it’s because you’re moving house, you want some extra cash, or simply wish to get rid of all the unwanted clutter and furniture in your home, a yard sale is one surefire way to sell some items. Much like a car boot sale, a lot of planning is necessary but it’s very easy and won’t take much of your time.

So, if the moment has come for a yard sale, then consider these useful tips to be certain you’ll make some great cash!



You might have all the things to sell, but what you really need is the people to sell them to! The first step is to make a Facebook event and to set it to ‘Public,’ so that after you invite everyone you know, they can share it and spread the word even more. Make sure you create the event at least three weeks in advance, so that there’s ample time to drum up some interest. Too last-minute and people will already have plans, too far in advance and people might forget when the time comes. It’s also worth considering Craigslist and local newspapers when advertising your yard sale.

Of course, digital advertising for your yard sale is vital, but so too is sticking to the old ways: leaflets and posters. Slap up some posters around your neighborhood to advertise your epic yard sale, and leave some flyers in local cafes and shops. You could also hand out some flyers at a busy spot to ensure you’re alerting as many people as possible to the yard sale. Look at’s leaflet printing options and make sure you print enough that you can reach as many people as possible in your area.



Just like any shop, try to arrange everything into groups. So, you’ll have furniture in one spot, jewelry in another, and same for toys, art, kitchenware, clothing, etc. Be certain that everything has a price tag on it, so you’re not constantly bombarded with questions of how much the item costs. See here for a guide on how much things should cost. Of course, be prepared for buyers to haggle a bit with the price, as this is to be expected at any flea market or yard sale.

You’ll need a fair bit of help, so ask family members and friends to assist you on the day of the sale. You can’t be in two places at once, and you’ll also have to make sure that no one is stealing anything when your back is turned! Ensure that you have a good sum of change ready in the form of notes and coins, as not every buyer will have the exact amount ready.



The weather will certainly play a huge role in the success of your yard sale, and although you can’t control the rain, picking a sunny day will definitely help. This is why spring and summer would be the best option for the yard sale, and also make sure it’s on a Saturday or Sunday (or both days if you have a lot of stuff) and begins around 10 am. Definitely don’t plan the yard sale on a long weekend, as there probably won’t be many people around!

Quick tip: Do some online investigation to see if you need a permit to set up a yard sale in your area, as this can vary depending on where you live.



For the weeks leading up to your yard sale, one good idea is to do some market research and visit other yard sales in your area. It’s good to learn how things are done and perhaps how you could do it better. Remember: Don’t pretend like you know everything before your first yard sale, as it’s helpful to get tips from others.



This should be a fun time! You could play some music, serve some refreshing drinks (for extra cash) and you get to meet some new people, so show your best side and hopefully you’ll keep customers happy and spending.



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