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Rules of personalised Ecommerce in 2018

Have you ever been to a store that sells everything, and even though you find what you came for, you can’t help but browse everything else while you’re there? When you get ready to check out, you realise that you have a trolley full of things you never intended to buy. It happens so fast that you don’t even get a chance to feel buyer’s remorse.

This is the dream of anyone who owns and operates an online store. Customers won’t need to leave the site because everything they want and need is right there at their fingertips. There is enough upselling and cross selling to really increase profits. Ever wondered why every retailer in the world isn’t using this as part of their business model? It might not be easy but your new store web presence is nothing but beneficial.


It’s Not all or Nothing

Use site research to enhance the website you already have instead of starting from scratch. This allows for a customised experience for every customer.


Customers’ Needs

The needs of your customer should be your number one priority. Interview your customers to find out what they want from your website. Having good POS is essential for the success of a retail store web site. The selling experience is what brings them back.

Use AI and Machines

Customers don’t all have the same needs. Personalising your website for each customer is vital and can be done using machine learning. Use data gathered from the site to build a strategy for overall success.


Build a Foundation

Think long term. Your website today should support your visions and goals for years down the road. Don’t take shortcuts and don’t assume that once it’s up and running that your site won’t need updates and improvements. It’s an ongoing process to reach your customers on the web.


Decide What Success Means

Your big picture goal is to increase your profits but to get there, you need to think in smaller steps. Define the metrics that will lead to success and make sure your resources are chosen and used wisely. Check in with your progress often so you are able to stay on track.


Expect Hurdles

There are always setbacks and obstacles to any business decision so be prepared for that as you set up your website. Don’t aim for perfection. Instead, figure out creative solutions to the issues you’re having so that they can be solved in a way that works for everyone. Accepting and resolving mistakes is part of the process of success.

Customisation is important, not only for your customers, but also your employees. By allowing each of your workers a personalised experience, you encourage them to own their mistakes and learn from them, while at the same time, driving their creativity and motivation.

Digital space and ecommerce are exciting realms and as they continue to grow, you can optimise your success and the success of your business by putting them to good use for you.



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