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Side jobs you can take on when you own a van

For some, owning a car over a van is a no-brainer. But you may find that you need a van in your life for work purposes, rather than a car. Although this can feel like a bit of hardship when you just want to nip out to the shops, you should actually see your van ownership as a blessing. Because when you own a van, you open the doors to a wealth of additional money making ideas on the side. You might work full time, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t take on a few extra jobs in the evenings or weekends, thanks to your trusty van! If this sounds good to you, let’s take a look at some of the jobs you could consider taking on.



Handyman standing in front of white van

First of all, you could consider being a handy man or woman! Okay, so technically you are going to need to own the right tools for the job too. But it’s not always easy for handy men and women to turn up to a job in a car. At the same time, if you like gardening and you have all of the tools, you could also run a gardening business in your spare time too. Even if your main job is a kind of trade, if your employment contract permits it, you could look to do this on the side for private clients too.


Parcel Courier Service

female courier driving a van

Next, we have the first job that you literally just need your van (and you) for. And that’s becoming a courier. Because there are always lots of courier companies that need extra drivers to take on work, especially in peak seasons. You will need to invest in the right van insurance for this however. This is because you will need to have insurance for the goods in transit, and not just for the van itself.


Taxi Driver

Minibus taxi driver meeting couple at the airport

Do you have seating in your van? Or maybe you even have a minibus? If so, then you may also want to consider signing up to offer a cab service. This could be something you offer privately, or with a local specialist firm. However, for this, you may want to look into other forms of insurance you could need, or whether you need to get a certain license to do it too.


Food Delivery Service

Man holding box of cakes in front of van

Then there’s another kind of delivery service, as you may want to consider becoming a driver for local companies. You may even want to sign up as a driver for a bigger company like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Technically, you could also do this in your car, but if you’re looking for some extra cash, definitely consider doing it in your van too.


Long Distance Haulage

Van on road

Finally, the last delivery driver job that we have on the list would be more in the haulage kind of industry. Perhaps you’re free to drive long distances to deliver packages for companies and individuals? There are bidding sites that you can register for to compete for jobs to drive parcels and orders longer distances as well.

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