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Squeezing the most out of your business website

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If your business doesn’t run its own website in 2019, you likely have some catching up to do. Of course, some outfits might like the non-online approach, dedicated to being a genuine and authentic store harking back to the old days, but even then some form of social media presence could help their bottom line tremendously.

One of the biggest mistakes that many bricks-and-mortar stores make is allowing social media to override their need for a website. It can seem as though the tech giants have overtaken these requirements, but in reality, they are now more important than ever when trying to find a hub for your business. This means taking a rational, forward thinking approach can often be your best bet. From there, squeezing out the most value from your website is essential, as simply being present is not enough.

You are likely to achieve this with care and intelligence, but you need to know how. In the following advice, we hope to bring this to your attention:


Give Your Visitors The Opportunity

The opportunity for engagement can be a very worthwhile effort to ensure that your visitors pay attention to your firm. For example, using this Browser Push Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies can help you understand the benefits of browser notifications for keeping your customers returning to your site again and again, and staying updated.

But this is hardly the only technique you can use, even if it is the most effective. An optional newsletter for emails can help your loyal customers become alerted to new deals, promotions, products or content you wish to push. A small chatbot to log questions and messages might pop up from time to time, giving your visitors the chance to ask a question about something they aren’t sure of. This can then be funnelled to a live agent who will be able to discuss options with more clarity. This can make a massive difference when it comes to actualizing a purchase in the end, and you might be surprised just how effective this can work.

Small popups can also work well, provided they are not annoying. They might be to verify consent or age, but also might offer promotions, or other pages you are trying to push. When you politely and carefully present the information you wish for your visitor to see, you both have a better chance of coming out of the digital exchange with something worthwhile.


User Accounts

The more you can convince your users to sign up for a website account, the better. This can help track their orders, their support requests over time, allow them to make use of limited time offers, or provide your account holders with exclusive deals that they might wish to take you up on. On top of that, you can allow customers to change their contact information, so you needn’t keep many customer accounts with mail or email headed to the wrong address or inbox, or potentially mobile SMS should they consent to it. User accounts give you and  your clients a greater deal of control over this relationship, and for the most part, this truly does mean something.



Surveys are an essential part of getting the most out of your business website. Even the best QA testers and web designers the world over cannot protect from every single flaw, and so it can be worthwhile to ask how the experience was for a customer who has used your service, purchased an item or has communicated with one of your support representatives. This could often seem like an easy means of understand how your customers feel about your online approach. That’s because it would be exactly this.



Consider your analytics. Where do your users visit from? How long do they stay on your website? Which content draws them in first, and how might you use that to draw them to other pages that are more pressing for your firm? What devices do they mostly visit from, and do you have your formatting applicable and looking great no matter how your site is visited? All of these questions are extremely important to ask, as they can quite literally dictate the policy of how you run your website from then on. Without this information to hand, you can sometimes be sailing blind.

With this advice, we hope you can squeeze the most out of your business website.


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