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Apr 10

Strategic Ways That Will Successfully Promote Your Brand

Reading Time: 4 mins

Coming up with a business idea and effectively being able to execute it is a huge milestone. However, that is just the beginning of the journey, so do not over celebrate just yet. The second hardest part involves getting your target market interested in your services or products. Many great businesses and ideas have failed at this level. Unlike in the days past, word of mouth, brochures, and fliers are never enough in the modern age. They just won’t cut it as far as successfully promoting your brand is concerned.

Not to fear, however, as we live in a digital era where your target consumers are just a few clicks away. With a strategic marketing approach, it is easier to ensure your brand gets massive recognition from within and beyond the borders. It is largely about how you present and position yourself, and how consistent you are at it. With this having been said, here are some strategic ways you can promote your brand successfully.


1. Use of Corporate Calendars

Calendars will always remain an important piece in our office desks, homes, schools, and any institution you can think of. They stay with us the whole year long, and the next after the next! As a wise entrepreneur, corporate calendars are among the ways you can make your brand known far and wide within your local area, region, or country. As the folks at Cody Group put it, the personalized corporate calendar provides year-round exposure of your brand to your potential clients. This gives you 365 opportunities in a year to have your brand in front of the user’s eyes and mind. Those using the calendar every day will be reminded of your brand daily.

This is all the more reason to have your corporate calendars personalized and designed in an appealing way that best showcases your brand. Also, giving calendars as gifts to your customers makes them feel valued. This leads to loyal and repeats clients.


2. Leveraging Social Media

Some businesses have achieved overnight growth just because of social media. Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who is not on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just to mention a few of the many social networking channels. Using these social platforms can help expose your product, business, service, or brand to a broader audience. Use that hashtag, make that page, advertise on your wall, and run social media contests. These are just a pinch of the many ways you can use social media to advertise your brand and grow your business to the next level.


3. Have an Optimized Killer Website

While doing all the above (and below), you don’t want to forget to invest in an optimized mobile-friendly website. In this case, your site will be the face of your brand and business. Even if you run a brick-and-mortar store, having a website increases your reach to customers and maximizes the chances that people will come knocking on your door for products or services. However, this is only if you have a creatively designed website that puts the visitor experience first. When designing a site for your brand, ensure it is:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast-loading
  • Optimized for SEO to rank high on search engines
  • Has a friendly user interface
  • Utilizes social signals

While at it, do not forget to invest in paid search ads for your business. These will help promote your brand, encourage interaction, grow a customer base, and increase sales over time.


4. Leverage Content Marketing and Blogging

The one who said that ‘content is king’ was never wrong. By content, we are talking about articles, guest blogs, reviews, your own blogs, press releases, and so forth. When promoting your brand through content marketing, always ensure that the content you provide is unique, informative, simple, and influential. Ensure the content you provide answers questions that the reader might have in mind or provides a solution to a problem they could be dealing with.

You can also include a call to action, especially for web page content. Most importantly, remember to optimize your content to make it searchable and easy to find online. Including relevant keywords, phrases, tags, and relevant images in your content will make it SEO-friendly, which will be a huge plus for your brand.


5. Make Use of Google

Being the mother of search engines, Google is an excellent platform to get wide coverage and recognition for your brand. Even if you don’t have your own website yet, you can create a Google My Business account and fill out the necessary information about your business. This information is usually necessary for helping consumers to find you easily. There are also several critical sections like “what’s new”, “offer”, and “Q&A”, which allow you to post text content as well as photos.


6. Maximize Your Video Marketing Efforts

Many analytical studies have demonstrated that people tend to prefer viewing videos compared to reading text. This is why your brand promotion strategy shouldn’t fail to incorporate video marketing. This means appealing to your target prospects using unique and creatively-made branded videos. Apart from posting them on your social media pages, you will also want to utilize video channels like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and Metacafe, just to name a few.

To leverage the power of video marketing even further, some of these videos can be posted or featured on your blog or website if you have one. They can go a long way in increasing your site traffic while ensuring your brand stands out from the rest.

A few other strategies you can use to market your brand include:

  • Marketing via the use of direct emails and email marketing campaigns
  • Consider using influencers: These have great command in the online society
  • Form partnerships or connections with non-competing brands to increase coverage
  • Marketing through representation in events, whether virtual or in-person

The above piece is simply a summary of what you can do to ensure success when marketing your brand. Using all or a combination of a few of them will help increase your brand recognition and popularity by a significant margin. You never know, your brand might become the next household name in town!



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Lenita Ching
Lenita Ching
5 months ago

I just started a small business. Is it really necessary to have a website? Is social media not enough? Thanks for the info. 

5 months ago
Reply to  Lenita Ching

It’s a good question. Some businesses do manage with just social media. You can certainly do a lot with it, particularly if yours is a small business. I guess a website is only useful if you have more information that you need to put across. But if social media is working well for you, keep with that!

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