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Summer jobs for students

With the summer just around the corner; exams coming to an end and longer days to come, there are many opportunities and jobs for students and those looking for temporary and seasonal work to take advantage of. Some industries are more inclined than others to offer temporary and interim work and paid positions, but the hospitality sector is an industry in which temporary work is always available. This means that there are ample opportunities and summer jobs for students to take advantage of.

It may be in order to earn some extra spending money, contribute towards savings or something else, but summer work is an ideal opportunity for students to help drive business’ success and wider local economies forward. Whatever the reason for seeking out summer work, there are a plethora of opportunities to explore.


Hospitality Jobs

Jobs in hospitality vary from place to place, with some parts of the UK being slightly more fruitful. For example, hospitality jobs in London are far more common than equivalent positions in Luton. That said, there are opportunities to undertake summer work in hospitality throughout the country. Moreover, the range of jobs available vary massively with jobs complementing all nature of skillsets available inn one form or another.

Waiters and Waitresses –

Waiting as a temporary or summer job is one of the most tried and tested routes for students, particularly those who possess good people skills and like being on their feet. Unlike other jobs that may be available in the summer, which may entail long stints of sitting by a desk, in front of a computer, waiting allows the employee to be up and about; on their feet and meeting people all day. There are also ample opportunities to make yet further money as tips from customers, clients and guests are fairly common. Applying for these types of jobs is easy with a range of temporary recruitment agencies and service providers who can match applicants with the most suitable position from across their network.

Receptionists and Front of House –

Receptionists and front of house staff are the faces of the establishment in which they work. This means that anyone looking to work in these roles needs to be very presentable, in possession of excellent people skills and willing to communicate with almost everyone that enters and exits the establishment; be they staff, service providers or guests. Hotels and similar establishments will usually be a little pickier with regards to who they employ to fill these roles. However, for those that possess the necessary skills, these jobs are available on a temporary basis through the summer months.


Chefs and Kitchen Staff –

These roles are available but may require the individual(s) in question to have an explicit qualification or interest in catering and food in order to ensure only relevant people actually take up these roles. Whilst it is unlikely that a student will be able to become head chef of a hotel for example, it is entirely possible to assist a head chef at a restaurant or hotel. Furthermore, for those who are more experienced and are looking for temporary work, there are chef positions on a temporary basis in the UK.


Call Centre Work

Another route of summer and temporary employment which is often pursued by students is working in call centres as call handlers. These positions are available at many different types of companies ranging from the likes of UCAS who manage university applications and the ‘clearing’ process, to large financial institutions such as payday loans providers. One of the most popular benefits of undertaking this nature of work is that employees typically work shifts. This means that if one prefers to work through the night, the chances are that there is a shift available. Furthermore, weekend, Bank Holiday and night shifts all tend to pay a bit extra making them that bit more appealing.


Working in Retail

Retail is a tried and tested route for students looking to earn some fairly quick money. Most shops, restaurants and establishments will have a retail element to them, hence they will offer temporary positions during the busier times of the year. Retail jobs are varied and the exact work done will depend on what the retail premises does. For example, a clothes shop will require staff to help customers find desired items and persuade them to purchase, whereas a furniture shop may require more in-depth assistance such as helping with measurements and budgetary limitations to purchase the most suitable items.

For more information about securing a job as a student and for help in applying for student-friendly jobs, visit: UCAS Online.

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