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Oct 23

The best recession proof careers

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Economic certainty is, well, never certain. Many people, in many industries, unfortunately realised that a recession, or in the case of this year, a pandemic, spells the end of their career. Not because they aren’t capable of doing it, but due to financial pressure their field of business or work feels. Having a safe job, making investments online, or having great savings can all protect you during a recession. 

However, if recession has hit you hard, and you have either lost your job or are new to the job market, and you are looking for “recession proof” careers, you are in luck. There are a number of fields that still chug along just fine during a recession. 


Health Care

Even during a recession, the field of health care doesn’t stop, and in all seriousness, it can’t stop. Proper health care is a constant need, even during the worst financial times, and there are many jobs and careers in the health care sector that fit into most education and skill levels. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic is an obvious example of declining economies not affecting health care. People get sick no matter the economy, and tough financial times also increase poor public health. Health care businesses are also one of the least likely to cut back on employees because, as stated above, people always need health care. 



Much like health care, education doesn’t stop during a recession. Yes, some schools do suffer, but the number of children who attend schools does not all of sudden decrease or disappear. 

Many school teachers are also part of labor unions, which adds security to the position as the jobs are much tougher to eliminate. Also, even if the worst outcome comes true and there are no teaching positions available, there are always teaching assistant and substitute teacher positions available. 


Public Utility Services 

Becoming a plumber or electrician does require you to go to school and study for it, but it is another, brilliant sector that is recession proof. Recession does hinder people’s ability to afford certain services, but if you have a major plumbing or electrical problem, more often than not you can’t “live with it”.

Much like health care and education, the need for these services doesn’t stop, no matter the economic circumstances. People are more likely to afford a professional to come in and fix their plumbing or electrical problem compared to buying a new geyser, fitting a new shower etc. 


Courier and Logistics Services

Another sector that just doesn’t stop is the freight, courier, and logistics sector. No matter what is happening with the economy, goods still need to be transported and moved, whether that is country to country, or within the country. 

Whether it’s truck drivers, couriers, or even a desk job within the sector, the jobs are almost always protected against economic uncertainty simply because the services are always going to be needed. 


Police Officer

The police force is another sector that is almost completely protected from recession. Recession does not make a country safer all of a sudden, and it is impossible to eliminate the need for police. 

Unfortunately, it has been shown that crime sees a rise during a recession as people have less money, and become more and more desperate. It is most definitely a horrific consequence of recession, but therefore, police and police officers are still needed. 


Public Safety 

Police officers aren’t the only public servants that can survive a recession. Security guards, private security, firefighters, etc, are all still needed and used even during a recession. Once again, where these individuals work might change, but their services are still needed. 

Firefighters are prime examples of this, fires don’t care if there is a recession or not. They still happen constantly world wide, if that is a world that you are interested in, it is also easy for people of varying skill and education levels, as training is usually provided. 


Food Services 

The best recession proof careers

Being a waiter, a chef or the like isn’t technically recession proof, but the skills you have allow you to work in multiple sectors. Yes, restaurants do close down during recession, but those aren’t the only places you can ply your trade or skills. 

Other restaurants, hotels, BnB’s, all need chefs, waiters, dishwashers, managers, therefore your options are quite wide if the restaurant you are currently working at has to close down. As said, the jobs aren’t all necessarily recession proof, but the skills you have are. 


Grocery Store Employees

The world of grocery stores actually offers a wide variety of positions. Whether it be shelf packers, checkout people. Buyers, managers, drivers, backroom staff. There are many positions available for varying skill and experience levels as well. Therefore this sector is a solid choice for someone looking for their first job, or someone who needs to change jobs. 

Once again, some grocery stores do close, but the bigger chains can not only afford to survive a recession, but can also afford to keep basically all their staff employed. This goes back to the common theme of this post of the fact that these services are still needed no matter what the economy is doing. 

As you can see, there is a wide variety of positions available to someone who is in need of a new job during a recession, or is concerned about how a recession will affect their current job. The jobs appeal to multiple skill and experience levels, and there is also something for everyone. 



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