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The fastest ways to make a fiver

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Strapped for time and strapped for cash?

Then here’s a few ideas on how to make a fast fiver.

Every little helps, right?

Do them all and it’ll be the fastest £20 you’ve ever made!


1. Earn yourself a £5 Amazon voucher from MoneyMagpie!

Magpie Money Banner

That’s right! Here at MoneyMagpie we have our very own rewards scheme called Magpie Money with which you could earn £5 in the space of no time.

It’s free to join, free to use and it means you can quickly and easily claim rewards such as Amazon vouchers, free eBooks and other bonuses!


How does it work?

Magpie Money is a points-based system that rewards you for doing super simple things such as just visiting the site and also for taking part in the activities of our partners.

These points are Magpies and they are credited to your account, but the amount all depends on how much you get involved.

These Magpies can accumulate pretty quickly, especially if you complete our free offers, and when you have a nice hoard of them you can spend them in our rewards shop which is regularly updated with new and exciting things to redeem.


how do i get started?

  1. The first thing to do is to register an account.
  2. Once you’ve done that you can browse through our list of offers, which may require you to fill out a survey, start a trial, or answer some questions for one of our partners.
  3. Having completed the action required to fulfill an offer, we will get a notification and credit your account with Magpies.
  4. Watch your Magpie meter swell and when you have enough Magpies you can head over to our rewards shop and spend them!

It’s as simple as that.

Start collecting and redeeming rewards now, it only takes 30 seconds to sign up.


2. online surveys

Someone completing an online survey on a laptop

Surveys don’t take much time and can be done wherever you are, whatever you’re otherwise doing.

If you have a bit of time in your lunch break or a spare half an hour in the evenings, you could do the odd survey or two while you’re surfing the net.

Most online survey companies rewards users with points that you can then redeem for cash or vouchers.

Obviously the more active you are, the more points you will earn but you’ll probably have to fill out a few before you get to the £5 mark.

Here’s 3 tops tips before you get started:

Rule 1: Never pay to join an online survey site

Here’s a list of the ones we recommend:

Let us know immediately if you come across any paid online surveys that ask you to pay to join them. We will investigate and warn everyone!

Rule 2: Set up a separate email account 

This is just so that when you sign up for online surveys, your work or personal email does not get flooded with the inevitable spam! 

Rule 3: Be aware that you won’t qualify for every paid survey

Online survey companies are often after a ‘sample group’, which means they only look for a particular number of people within a specific age range or area, or who use a certain product. This means you won’t be able to complete some surveys simply because you’re too young, too old or maybe just the wrong sex! So don’t take it personally, but do sign up to lots of sites to increase your chances of being selected.


3. make money out of your friends

Group of friends

A lot of companies try to increase the traffic to their websites by getting customers involved.

This is great news for us as it usually means that they will reward you when you share their service with a friend. 

Groupon is a good example of one of these companies as they will give you £6 each time you get a friend involved!

Groupon is also a pretty easy one to share around as it offers cheap deals on great things to do, see and eat in cities across the UK. Persuade your mate to go zip-wiring with you within 72 hours of your referral and you could have some fun and get paid for it! 

This money will be credited to your account so you can use it towards your next shopping spree on the site.

Here’s a list of some other sites that will pay you back for sharing them around and some are offering a lot more than a fiver:

  •  Virgin Media offers a £50 bill discount to existing customers that refer a friend to its broadband and TV service. If that person signs up they also get a £50 bill discount.
  • Refer a friend to Three and you’ll both be sent a £25 Amazon gift card.
  • Ovo Energy is offering a £25 Argos, M&S or Amazon voucher to both referrer and friend.

Find out more about making money from your friends here.


4. claim your cash back

Excited woman holding credit card and phone

Did you know you can get paid to shop? Sounds like the dream, right?!

Well, this is one of the great things about cashback companies which give you money for buying products through them as opposed to buying them direct.

While you might only get pennies for t shirts and toys, sometimes you can get up to £100 when you buy a mobile phone or broadband contract.

Signing up for a cashback site is free (never pay to join one!) but also be aware that sometimes the cashback deal can make a product seem more attractive and affordable than it actually is!

TopCashBack and Quidco are the best for this, letting you win back when you spend at thousands of retailers, and you can sign up for emails with updates on your favourite shops.

These sites even have their own apps, so you can check for cashback opportunities while you’re out and about.

Any other ideas on how to earn yourself a quick fiver? Let us know in the comments section below!




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