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The TikTok influencers teaching personal finance to millions

Isobel Lawrance 21st Apr 2022 No Comments

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Did you know, there is a community of TikTok influencers teaching millions of people about personal finance?

When lockdown hit the UK in March of 2020, our lives ground to a halt and we found ourselves stuck at home with little to do. But out of this tough, stressful time came something beautiful. The TikTok app.

Now, it may get some hate, but it sure kept us occupied. And communities on every theme and topic you could think of, blossomed. These communities grew rapidly and continue to grow. Want to try new, easy recipes? Learn about nature? Watch people discuss politics? It’s all on TikTok.

But our favourite topic to explore? The booming system of people teaching others about finance, and the excited audience, finally understanding parts of their money and financial lives previously not understood. This has come to be known as ‘FinanceTok’ or ‘MoneyTok’.

Want to learn about finance in fun and easy ways? According to MoneyUnder30, here are some of the top finance TikTok influencers to follow.

Humphrey Yang


Humphrey is an ex-Wall Street professional, who turned to TikTok to share his personal finance teachings to his eager-to-learn audience. What makes Humphrey so popular are the small, bite-size chunks of information he provides. This way of teaching makes even the most complicated of things seem simple and easy to digest. No wonder he has a fanbase of over 3 million people!


Milan Singh


Milan teaches the same tips we strive to teach here at MoneyMagpie. From negotiating your internet bill to saving money in quick and easy ways, he teaches his audience money can be saved and made in all corners of life. “I love that I get to help people in their financial journey”, says Singh of his TikTok fame.


Tori Dunlap


Tori is a huge inspiration to girls and women across the platform. She embodies power, hard work and feminism, teaching her fans to fight the patriarchy. Tori fought hard to invest and is now set to have $6 million in the bank from investments alone by the time she retires. She proves you can invest no matter your age, sex, race or ability.


John Eringman


John focuses mainly on teaching young adults about personal finance. He creates entertaining and eye-opening educational videos, and has amassed a whopping 21 million views on his videos to date. From the must-knows of having a credit card to student loans, John covers a huge range of topics.


Taylor Price


At just 21 years old, Taylor Price spends her days creating content about personal finance, investing and business for those who are Gen-Z. She has built a huge following for herself, discussing beauty on a budget, side hustles for university students, shopping hacks, budgeting and more.

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