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The top 10 highest paying careers that let you travel

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One of the hardest things to do in life is to balance your career and your freedom. Most of the time, careers that take up a lot of time are those that are a vocation rather than a job that you do just for the cash. Most people don’t become doctors, for example, just because of the hefty paycheck that it cuts you each year. They do it because they want to help people and love the idea of helping those that need them the most. Sure, the salary is nice, as is the expansive education that they get, but it isn’t all about those things. Being able to balance your life with your dream job isn’t always easy, unless – of course – you find a job that allows you both.

People love to travel – it’s one of the greatest privileges that we have today. Sixty years ago, global travel was reserved for the very wealthy in society, and while we still have certain travel privileges still reserved for those who enjoy a great wealth, more of us are now able to hop over to other places to visit. Once you get on a plane the first time, you get a bug for seeing new places from great heights. You get the travel bug – the one that makes you addicted to seeing other cultures, different scenery. To know that you’re looking up at a different piece of the sky and breathe in a different type of air. It’s exhilarating that we have the technology and the know-how to go and visit far-flung places whenever our budget allows. The one thing we don’t have much of is time, and that’s the point here. You need to find a job that you love and smash it together with your love of travel.

Companies around the globe are jumping on board with remote working because it’s a great way for people to still live their lives and it doesn’t cost businesses as much in overheads. The thing is, there are a good few jobs out there that require you to get out of the house. You may be put off by the thought of travelling and working, but that’s usually because people are misinformed that the only travel jobs available require you to work behind the taps of a bar or waiting tables in a hotel restaurant. The good news is that just isn’t the case! So, in the list below you’ll find ten of the highest paying jobs that you could do that allow you to live abroad why you do them.

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Having a second language is a skill that not many people manage. It’s hard to take a language on in the same way that you do your mother tongue, so the fact that you already are multilingual is a huge plus point on your CV. If you want to move abroad and away from where you currently are, try and look at these amazing linguistic skills as your passport out of there. You can work in schools, courtrooms, hospitals and even the consulate for your country.

Earning Potential: The average salary for an overseas interpreter sits around the £35,000 mark, but if you’re good at what you do and you work in the right places, you can join the top 10% and earn in the £60,000 range.


Meeting planner

Planners are important people to global businesses and their organisational skills are second to none. Meetings, events and convention planners are required by businesses the world over, and your skills here can translate to anywhere in the world. You can work events from overseas weddings to honeymoon services. If you want to go a little more corporate, you can be a personal planner for a company CEO and be prepared to travel regularly!

Earning Potential: Planners aren’t the top of this particular list with an average salary of £27,000, but the perks of regular travel and mostly having your accomodation paid for you as you go can cancel out the lower salary portion. Not to mention, you usually need a degree which can make you highly sought after abroad.



If there was any job in the world that you could do while travelling it’s becoming a pilot. Not only do you get your pilot training underwritten by a company to help you to get to be the best you can be, most pilots start their careers in smaller jets in their home country to get used to being in the air. It’s a highly stressful role, and the training is rigorous, but the perks – including seeing the world – are so worth the stress.

Earning Potential: Pilots are on a very attractive salary. As a starting salary, a pilot can expect to earn in the region of £60,000 and as they gain traction in their role can even earn up to the £100,000 range.


Overseas Teacher of English

English is a universal language and teaching it to others isn’t just rewarding, it gives you a chance to live in another country while you do it. You do need a degree, as well as a TEFL certification to qualify you to teach English abroad.

Earning Potential: Some of the best perks of teaching English as a second language surround the fact that you can live very cheaply while earning salaries in the £30,000 range. Asian countries often have the best perks for teachers, so it’s worth checking those areas out.


Wildlife Biologist

Studying the interaction between animals and the environment is imperative for our growth as a race. Some biologists stay holed up in labs and offices doing research, but why would you do that when you can be in the field working with dolphins in their natural habitat?

Earning Potential: This role requires you to have undertaken significant education – to PhD level. The highest 10% of earning wildlife biologists have the earning potential of up to £65,000.




Studying the origin of humans is a big deal and archaeologists are very commonly employed by research agencies and the government. Working for the government in a country that’s not your own gives you a chance to scope out what you need in the right environment away from home. Overseas travel in field work is a given!

Earning Potential: You’ll need a degree and a Master’s to be able to go overseas as a qualified archaeologist. You can expect earnings of between £45,000 – £70,000



What better way to travel than in space? Well, perhaps not quite at first, but as there are less than 50 active astronauts, being able to go to the Johnson Space Centre and studying there for two years is a privilege. You get to get out and see the world anyway, as most astronauts are required to have at least two years of piloting experience before they are able to see the world.

Earning Potential: The high salary here stands at around £100,000. A tidy sum given the strict requirements for experience and education from astronauts.



Working for a non-profit organisation analysing the supply chain of an organisation can be a lucrative opportunity, and those who work for international organisations as part of their team can expect to be sent abroad to work.

Earning Potential: It’s one of those boring jobs that has a boring title, but if you care about the cash instead of the job, this is one of those! You can expect to earn up to £85,000 in this one, which is a lot of touristy things paid for!



Okay, so there’s every chance you’re probably not going to really join the CIA or MI5, but just in case you fancy it. Odd hours, various – secret – overseas locations and assessing jobs one by one is just the start of this one. Won’t write too much detail, of course, it’s a secret.

Earning Potential: You’ll need a degree and a solid set of skills to do well as a spy, and you can expect to earn anywhere from £35,000 – £55,000 initially.


Foreign Service Officer

Working at your consular, you can expect to be working away from home for two to three years at a time. You could be interviewing applicants about their visas, assisting your peers with legal and passport issues and generally being helpful to those who need help while overseas in a foreign country.

Earning Potential: Age, education level and experience all factor here. A basic salary runs in the line of £35,000, with living allowances and retention incentives on offer.

Not every job that takes you abroad is about the cash. However, you should tell yourself that you need a job that you are passionate about that can still pay the bills. Choose a job that takes you to places that on your days off, you can see the parts of the world usually reserved for the discovery channels.

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