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Mar 18

The world’s 7 coolest careers: Earn over £50,000 working below freezing

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From the Hazmat Specialists of America to the Outdoor Instructors in the winter wonderland of Lapland, Finland, a new study uncovers the earnings of the seven coldest careers in the world. Life in the coldest corners of the planet can mean working in temperatures as low as -39°C. Meet the people who work in these temperatures and earn up to $68,904 a year, and discover the careers that are based firmly below freezing.

A new study by Crystal Ski uncovers the top salaries of those working in an average temperature of -26°C during their shift. This also reveals the average temperatures their work is conducted in and the cost of renting in the area. It suggests that working below freezing can pay off with 58% of the salaries paying above the average. If you don’t mind the cold, it may be time to change career and location.

With locations ranging from Yakutsk, Russia to Yukon, Canada, here’s where you can find the seven highest-earning jobs that require staff to work in painfully low temperatures between -10°C and -39°C.


Top 7 Highest-Earning Jobs Below Freezing:


  1. Hazmat Specialists – $68,904

Head to the United States if you’re hoping for a pay rise in 2019 as Hazmat Specialists in Barrow, Alaska earn $68,904 yearly. This is a considerable 49.65% more than the country’s average salary for this role and $11,796 more than the coldest career in the study.

The management of hazardous materials requires a great amount of skill and training, with the temperature plummeting to -26°C during the day, this cold career is also the most dangerous.


  1. Truck Drivers – $63,700

Truck Drivers in Winnipeg earn the second highest salary of those studied and earn on average $63,700, a staggering 45.05% more than the same job in the area.

Work here is conducted in -16°C temperatures.


cold jobs


  1. Chief Technologists – $57,108

These Gold Mining specialists have a healthy salary of $57,108, and although they do not earn the most of those studied, they work in the coldest conditions. Based in Yakutsk, Russia, which has the lowest winter temperatures of any city in the world, they are exposed to temperatures that average at a numbing -39°C.

Working in such a cold climate can also work in their favour when it comes to paying rent, Chief Technologists allocate the lowest amount of their wages on rent of all the coldest jobs, and spend only 6.8% of their salary on housing.

With experts claiming that frostbite can occur on skin exposed to temperatures of -28°C and below in just 30 minutes or less, is this job worth the risk?


  1. Mining Officer – $50,000

Mining Officers on the picturesque Yukon River in Canada earn an impressive $50,000 a year to ensure resources are extracted safely and efficiently. This is the second coldest job as they work in bitterly cold -27°C temperatures.

However, although this salary seems high, they earn -26.17% less than the average salary earned by other Canadians.

This study suggests that you should relocate to Canada if you are looking for a career in the cold as a shocking 40% of the world’s coldest jobs can be found here.


  1. General Labourer – $43,000

This role, based in Northwest Territories, Canada comes with a pay check of $43,848, a considerable 7.04% above the national average and typically includes on-the-job training meaning no previous experience is required. They do however work in temperatures that average at a painful -21.5°C.

General Labourers in this climate spend an average of  22% of their salary on rent paying $789 a month on accommodation.


  1. Outdoor Instructor – $41,760

Outdoor Instructors in beautiful Lapland, Finland can earn a boastful 25.29% above the national average with a healthy salary of $41,760.

Although temperatures can dip to -13.5°C, the great pay and idyllic surroundings may tempt some to brave the cold.


  1. Package Delivery Driver – $39,672

Package Delivery Drivers also profit from the cold conditions as those based in Fraser, Colorado earn $39,672 per year, a pay packet 29.74% higher than the average while working at -10°C.

But this comes with a catch… they also spend the highest percentage of their salary on rent, a total of 43.86% of their wages on average.


If you would like to discover more information about the world’scoldest careers, please visit Crystal Ski. With salaries averaging  $40,824.58, would you work below freezing?


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1 year ago

Great ideas if you don’t mind the cold.

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