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Aug 12

Top 5 Small Business Ideas for 2021

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If this year you have become determined to start your business and make the most of it, then you’d better consider something that will not shut down abruptly due to the pandemic situation in the world. Meaning, you have got to consider things that you might be successful growing online, especially when the reach is almost borderless.

Maybe you already have an idea of what business route to take and what niche is awaiting for your craft, or you have a general vision and are seeking a bit of a detailed plan. One way or another, this information may provide you with some handy ideas of how to build up a small, but solid business in 2021.



To sell something online is a top thing to do. Whether you have your own goods to sell, or you are on friendly terms with dropshipping, running an e-store is always a good idea in terms of entrepreneurship. Of course, you might want to make sure you have a certain knowledge base in marketing, a digital one in particular.

No business can happen without people having an interest in it. Therefore, when thinking about selling things, learn about the audience that will want to buy from you. Having a clear picture of the targeted clientele segment helps you figure out what the best approaches are to entice and nurture them throughout every stage of their buying journey. Be mindful about smart social media presence, and how to use those channels for the greatest benefit of your online store.


IT services

Having expertise in the IT field is big-time beneficial for developing a solid business. Whether you can offer your services in developing the website, or help with developing the brand identity to enhance the message to the world, you will always have a chance to grow both professionally, financially, and probably establish a high-profile IT company.

Do not get discouraged with the free graphic design software, or resources to develop websites from scratch with features just enough to satisfy certain web needs. Sometimes the fresh vision of a specialist who can potentially become a customer in the future is appreciated and needed. Ready-made templates may not always guarantee that.


Coaching and teaching

If you have a skill or several, and you think people will benefit from acquiring them and implementing them to make their lives better, why not share? Start small, build your community, offer free tips on how certain things work, provide some guidelines for free, etc. Never be afraid to give stuff away, there will always be the need to learn more, or clarify from a different angle. You must find ways to entice people into learning from you by providing them with a high-quality base that will demonstrate what to expect from you.

Do not fall into a trap of being afraid to teach something that is already being taught by so many other experts in the area. Follow the principle that says one book does not teach all, as well as one teacher, or coach, will not satisfy every person. One and the same idea gets to be comprehended differently depending on who delivers it. You may be the one that a certain audience will find the most comprehensive for the skill you have mastered. Competition is usually a healthy thing for any business to be done successfully and grow exponentially. It is in our genes to compete and better the stuff we do. Do not fear it, befriend it, and find the most optimal ways to leave your competitors behind.



Copywriting, creative writing, scriptwriting, description writing, and oh so many other purposes of writing. Great copy can sell, can attract leads, and provoke further interest. Therefore, it looks like a great idea for a writing business launch. If you have already embarked on the writing journey, and are planning on going further with it, it might be the best time to do so.

Advertise your work through social media channels, create a blog, make a decent profile to present to clients what you are capable of. In the beginning, you can start solo and then proceed with inviting people to join your writing services agency. The gist is that writing indeed has the potential to be transformed into a profitable business.


Financial consulting

If you are a financial wizard and feel like you have gained enough resources and experience to offer your financial services to private entrepreneurs or corporate clients then do so. Not to sound too materialistic, but everything is about money. Not a single business can be well without having money under strict control. Bookkeeping, tax return preparation, payroll services for employees, etc may not be done as efficiently as it would be done hiring a financial specialist, or team of such. Think of the idea and, possessing a skill, develop your business.



Small business in 2021 may not be pertaining to online services solely, however, to feel a bit more secure about time and resources invested, make sure that there is still an option for you to have your business done via the internet.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.




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