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Sep 11

Top Reasons to Use Cable Management at the Office

Reading Time: 2 mins

The modern office is crammed almost to bursting with electrical equipment. There are desktop computers, monitors, and peripheral devices. There are printers, shredders, and scanners. These machines need to be powered, obviously, but they often need to be connected to a wired network. Cables come together in the server room, where they can easily number in the dozens or even hundreds.

If the cabling which connects these devices isn’t properly managed, then the result can be a nightmarish mess. And yet, there are some offices where cable management isn’t taken especially seriously. Let’s look at why this might be a serious mistake.



When cables are allowed to trail wherever they please, then they might well end up trailing in a space where someone might be walking. In some cases, this could leave the employer vulnerable to legal action. Trips and falls are among the most common reasons for accidents in the workplace. Where a cable absolutely must run along the floor, then covering it appropriately will help to ensure that it doesn’t pose a threat.


Prolong life

Where cables are free to move, they’re free to wear out. Inside any given ethernet cable are eight rather slim lengths of wire, which might easily work their way loose if they’re allowed to move back and forth. Bundling every length of cable into a single core, held together by evenly-spaced cable ties, will deal with this problem.

Properly managed cabling will also ensure that air is able to easily circulate through the space. If your server room is beset by tangled cables, then the flow of air will be impeded. The servers may end up running hotter than they otherwise would, which will ultimately mean higher failure rates, and higher costs.


Looks neat

Properly managed cabling looks very nice indeed. It’ll appeal to your inner obsessive. What’s more, it’ll send a clear message to your workforce that half-measures and laziness are not to be tolerated. It’ll also provide would-be clients and collaborators with an impression of excellence.


Less frustration

If you’ve ever had to troubleshoot a mass of cabling, then you might understand how frustrating it can be. More often than not, the entire tangle needs to be untangled. This is time consuming, and hinders productivity. If you want to make life especially easy, then you might opt for colour-coded cabling that’s hand-crimped to the appropriate length.



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