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Jan 11

Turn your spare time into cash with 20Cogs

Reading Time: 3 mins

Want to earn some extra cash?

Then here’s a great money-making idea for you!

To get 2017 off to a good start check out 20Cogs…

20Cogs is a new website where you can make money in your spare time, at home or on the go. On 20Cogs, you will complete 20 Competitions, Offers, Games or Surveys and once you’ve completed them you’ll be paid via BACs or PayPal.

We know what you are thinking – “How much can I actually earn from 20Cogs?”

Their average member payout is just over £200, but the top member has earned an astonishing £733!

Plus MoneyMagpie users get an exclusive £10 welcome bonus just for joining!

20Cogs pay their members twice per week and are paying out thousands of pounds each week. You could join their ever-growing community of over 240,000 members!


What do you need to do to earn money?

Firstly, you will need to sign up to be a member. This is of course free to do and, as MoneyMagpie reader, you will get an exclusive £10 bonus just for joining.

Then after a brief and optional tutorial you will reach the offers page – this is where the magic happens! You will see your cogs, progress and the offer section. Each cog will have various offers to choose from, so if the main offer doesn’t take your fancy then click the ‘alternative offer’ button to choose another one.

Once you have chosen an offer, make sure you read the instructions and terms, then click ‘Take Offer’. This will take you to the advertiser’s website, follow the instructions provided to complete the offer and then return to 20Cogs. Once you have done this you will move on to cog 2 and do the same. Work your way through all 20Cogs to earn your payout.

20cogs members make £100’s

Turn your spare time into cash with 20Cogs

Each cog will change colour as you proceed. All 20 will start off grey, which means that the cogs have not been completed yet. Once you complete the offer, if a cog still stays grey don’t panic as offers can take up to 24 hours to track. The cog will then turn into an amber colour, which means the advertiser has received your offer completion, and is now in the process of confirming everything for you. Cogs can take up to 30 days to turn from amber to green, which means you have successfully completed this offer correctly.

When all 20 are green you can cash out your money!

All in all, 20Cogs is a great money maker that works. You can do this from home with your laptop, tablet or desktop PC. If you’re out and about, you can use your mobile phone. It’s free, easy to use and will give you an extra bit of pocket money.


Can I trust this?

Still not convinced? 20Cogs pride themselves on having a good reputation. With a full 5-star user review rating on TrustPilot, you can be sure you are in safe hands. Check out the latest reviews here.

Turn your spare time into cash with 20Cogs



Top tips

Our top tips:

  • If you want to maximise your earning potential, don’t be scared to complete the free trials. Yes, some will cost you initially. However, you’ll defiantly see bigger profits completing these offers. This is also true of the gambling offers, although at MoneyMagpie we advise against any form of gambling unless it’s absolutely risk-free (such as Matched Betting) so do your research first.
  • If you sign up for a trial/free subscription, don’t forget to cancel the trial/subscription before the trial period ends or you could end up getting charged!
  • Remember the log ins to all of your accounts you register to, and keep welcome emails. Sometimes things don’t track, this is normal on any cashback site. Keep proof that you complete the offer in case the cog doesn’t turn amber or green after 24 hours. Then email the customer service team so they can help you.
  • Refer friends! 20Cogs offer a 5% rev share of what your friends earn, and a £20 bonus if your friend completes 20cogs. 5% doesn’t sound like a lot but, thinking about how much you can actually make on 20Cogs, trust us, it adds up quickly!

Sign up today, claim your free £10 welcome bonus and start earning.


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Jasmine M
Jasmine M
6 months ago

I’ve actually been doing it for about three weeks and I’ve made about £45, so far, I’ve not signed up for any of the betting links but the free trials for Amazon Prime and £3 Simply Cook box etc are fine, I’ll get something out of them and have set reminders on my phone with cancellation dates for subscriptions. I have a problem with Cog 5, I cannot get it to turn Amber and I’ve completed ISay and Opinion Outpost so don’t know what’s with that. I contacted customer service but so far it hasn’t turned amber.

1 year ago

I agree with Fiona, I looked at this and could not even complete level one. I will only ever sign up for offers that interest me or I actually use. I never just fill in forms or give out personal info +++ for the sake of points. I find in most cases that this kind of thing is a waste of time because offers are potential scams or that they are of no use to a single 60-year-old. Of course, it is up to the individual but I agree, this one (sorry Jasmine) is not a good option

1 year ago

Interesting article, will have a look at 20Cogs.

Fiona jk42
Fiona jk42
2 years ago

complete rubbish site. The “offers” I was given to complete all involved me paying money, or gambling, or required me to sign up to sites that would send me “3rd party marketing material” i.e. sign up to spam.

jj beam
jj beam
3 years ago

absolute load of rubbish you get bombarded with spam spam spam dont bother

3 years ago

Is there an average of time spent on activities to earn? So many survey sites etc mean spending a lot of time on activities for very little payout (if any at all in the end).

3 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

Very good question. We haven’t done an average yet but I think that’s a clever idea. We should work out an average time to be spent because then you can decide if it’s worth it. Thanks for the point.

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